Someone tell me this

I keep reading how the Longhorn network will be “folded in” to the SECN

What exactly does that mean?
That the awful Longhorn programming will now be on the SECN?
So they do get that extra special treatment?

@docestes2 it’s my understanding that the LHN will disappear completely. The Whorns will be treated like everyone else in the SEC. No better no worse. Which is certainly not what they are accustomed too. Which is really funny to me…


Somewhere, I saw it suggested that the LHN would basically become SEC Network 2. So we’d have two channels of SEC programming.

We already have ESPN2, so I could see it.

You’d just have to get that channel added to more carriers, but the SEC brand would no doubt bring that about.

I read that also, LDhog, and if it is any other way, we are just starting down the road to letting the eunuchs run this conference into the ground also.

It disappears. Austin just becomes one of the campus broadcasting centers, no different than Fayetteville.

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Finally. They run the 2005 Vince Young/USC title game on a loop. No more, hopefully.

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Nothing would surprise me. It’s been a sneaky, secret behind closed doors deal going on for 6 months now.


“it’s my understanding that the LHN will disappear completely. The Whorns will be treated like everyone else in the SEC.”

Now that’s going to be a sight to see

Texas (spit) May say it but you know they are doing “work arounds” as we speak

Do you think Birmingham airport will have to expand to accommodate all those Texas (spit) boosters Leer Jets flying into town to social engineer and leave some “gifts” at the SEC zoo for those hard working SEC zebras and decision makers ?

The LHN - I hope it just folds abs goes away

You know they will put the 1969 game on loop - that enough to get the hate Tex (spit) juices going

I think we should put the Y2K Cotton Bowl on loop on the SEC network

Welcome to the SEC Texas (spit)

They also run their football wins over us in 1969, 1977, 1987 frequently.

I really hate how they cram the games into 2 hour windows, edited to make them look particularly dominant (whether they were or not), kind of like the old Notre Dame highlights show on Sundays used to do back in the 1960’s and 70’s.

I particularly dislike the version of he 1969 Big Shootout they show. In that cut, they totally leave out our second possession of the day, which was at the same time the most exhilarating and disappointing part of the game This is the possession that started when we intercepted a James Street pass inside our 10 yard line, then - with a 7-0 lead and Texas reeling a bit - drove down the field in spectacular fashion for what should have been a 14-0 lead when Dicus took a crossing pass from Montgomery around the 10 yard line and darted into the EZ. I’ve never seen Razorback Stadium louder or in more of a state of delirious happiness than that instant.

Unfortunately, that was the play that was audibled from a running play to pass (based on the defense) and the other WR - John Rees (grandfather of the current WR John David White) did not hear the check off, so he ran downfield and half-heartedly “chicken fought” with the DB in front of him, 20+ yards away from the play. After Dicus had crossed into the EZ, the DB walked over to the official on that side of the field, pointed at Rees and said “hey…that’s offensive interference” and the damn official said 'you’re right" and threw his flag, as Dicus and his teammates were celebrating in the EZ.

According to the LHN, that drive never happened. Changes the whole view of how we dominated them that day. Of course, it is to a mentally challenged audience (their fans) so I get it…but it really steams me.

I have always wished that some clueless intern would instead put the tape in for the 1981 Game.
For some reason, that game never is replayed.

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I’m proud to say I’ve never watched 1 second of the shorthorn network.

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