Someone tell me how Sam Hurley is top 15 NIL value

kid from Fayetteville is #1 track and field NIL valued

15th on the top 100 NIL list, and the trend is up for athletes in general getting NIL support

NIL value is a whole lot of social media followers. I’m guessing Sam has a few. The gymnast at LSU is making more money than Bryce Young or any other college athlete, and she isn’t making it because she gets 9.9s. She makes it because she has multimillion followers on TikTok or Instagram or Twitter or all of the above.

And I opened the list and there’s your answer. Sam has 3.6 million followers on TikTok and a million on Instagram. They’re paying for exposures to those 4.6 million people.

(Note: Bronny James has more followers but I don’t think he’s raking in the cash yet. But Livvy Dunne is. Arch Manning probably will be soon.)

indeed, followers are listed and Sam is at 5m.

I promise you there are people on Instagram and TikTok you and I have never heard of (non athletes) who are putting Livvy Dunne to shame in the exposure/followers department, and they’re making more money than she is.

Meanwhile I have 53 followers on Twitter, 153 on Instagram, and none on TikTok (I’ve never posted). Nobody is going to be offering me any money.

I’d flip a hundo to see you in a leotard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I had a leo, I’d put it on and send you the bill

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I know adult stars who have retired have a following of over 50 million on IG which is the media of preference for risque, See Sunny Leone.

If I recall correctly, Sunny is South Asian/Indian and has a huge following in that area.

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Yeah, social media followers for sure. I remember talking to the Fayetteville coaches about him and then learning bout his numbers of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. Crazy.

Big fan of her early work.:wink:

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And it’s all starting to make sense to me now

If you were in a leotards the subscribers might want you banned from twitter…I have this comparable image that would be near the ones with Trump trying to play tennis in white shorts.

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It is all about “clutching” electronically via the Internet…one big tabloid in cyberspace.

He got banned from Twitter, but not for that picture.

I do have a Speedo somewhere… nah not going there.

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HO HO …I think a leotard would be …, say, ample!!!

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You have a Speedo? So many uncomfortable questions.:pleading_face:

It is that time of the year and Amazon can get it there asap if you need now. I had co worker who made a jest on time like this and another coworker took him up on it. He never could live it down . I still kid him when I see him


Gymbacks surely have an extra for Swine :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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