Someone smarter than I, please explain ?

How can there be such a difference in class rank from the three major rating services? Being an athlete from Arkansas I get, but why the difference??

Because we all see things with different eyes.

Rivals has eyes that see three more 4-stars than the other main two do.

It’s always been that way. No one ever rates the players the same. It’s just like a beauty pageant. Some pick on performance. Some pick on the way they measure (height, weight, speed). And, it’s often hard to rate a player who doesn’t see top competition in areas of limited population. I don’t know how you would expect different people to see things the same. So much is done at camps and show cases and some players don’t even attend them.

Scouting is subjective. I’ve seen baseball players who are thought to be taken between the 20th and 30th round, but one team sees something they like that makes them pull the trigger in the fifth.

If you want to read something that blows your mind, get Money Ball. It’s about baseball, yes. But it shows how someone can see things differently and no one goes along – for quite a bit. It is one of the best books I’ve read.

evaluating 16 and 17 year old boys is not rocket science. There are as many former three start guys as five star in the pro bowl game.

I am a fan of Rivals recruiting service but they have a bit of a flaw in their system. They give a lot of weight to the number of recruits that a school has. I like to look at the average star rating in one of the columns at the right side. Arkansas currently has an average star rating of 3.48 with 27 recruits committed. Alabama has an average star rating of 4.0 (absolutely amazing). Ohio State is ranked 20th on Rivals because they only have 16 recruits but their average star rating is 3.75. I think in terms of the quality of the recruits, Arkansas is lower than number 12. Having said that, this is a special class for Arkansas. I think the coaching staff knows exactly what they need and they are recruiting toward that goal. I am hoping that another junior college linebacker and maybe a defensive back will be recruited.

I’ve read the book and seen the movie. The movie pales in comparison to the book. Eric Hinske is prominently featured in the book.

Check out the movie if you haven’t already.
5 stars :lol:

As best I can tell, 247 also is skewed toward larger classes. Each recruit gets a score (our highest is HH with a score of 26.92) and they’re totaled to get the class score. More bodies, more scores.

You can sort the Rivals rankings by average star rating. We’re 17th there at 3.48. Still pretty good.

Interestingly, our lowest rated recruit at 247 is not the one with zero other Power 5 offers (Stromberg). It’s Rathcke, who had an offer from Kentucky and made an OV there.

I looked up Rivals scoring system. I posted it on here in another thread about how they give points for grades (Ex: a five star is rated at 6.1 worth 150 points), they also give bonus points for top 300 ranking (for example #1 player in class get 100 points), so if you get the #1 player in the class, your team points is supposed to be 250. However, I actually figured up AR’s current score based on the points for each player, we are about 350 points shy of what we are supposed to have. Bama, who is #1 is about 200 points shy of what they’re supposed to have as well.

You also cannot compare current classes to previous years’ classes if you are trying to compare number of 4-star players in each class. (I’ve seen that done somewhere on this board awhile back). I was looking at the past 10 years AR classes on 247 using the correlation of the individual recruits’ 4 digit number rating and their star rating. As an example on 247, 4 of our eight 4-star players in the 2019 class would have been 3-stars in the 2011 class based on their 4-digit rating. These rankings services aren’t stupid, they just know that fans get giddy over 4 stars vs 3 stars. It gets them clicks and sometimes new members when they have more 4-star players on each team.

I’m not sure about this, but I believe, way back when these services started, Rivals had just 300 spots for 4 and 5 star players. I think I remember that 247 had only 247 for a short while. Now, 247 has well over 300 four and five star players each year. We have one 4-star recruit this year that is #376 nationally and one 3-star recruit that is #385 nationally. Do you think any person believes that 4-star player is any more talented than the 3-star player. Yet “star gazers” would see big differences between those two 3 and 4 star players.

Stars really don’t matter when the recruiting classes keep devaluing them over the years.