Someone needs to get on a plane

Someone needs to get on a plane and go get Kiffin, Novell, Fuente or someone of the sort. Anything less than that is failure. Appears we have a bunch of BOT members that are jittery about something coming out of the closet. Need to go in aggressive and get our man! Do not take no for an answer. Remember how many times Satan told Bama no?

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We don’t really want to do what it takes to win in this league, it’s been proven, over, and over.


My Lord it is normal to wait until a coach finishes his season before you announce hiring him.
All AD;s realize the outgoing coach has a responsibility to his old school and players.

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None of those guys want the job. Hard to hire someone if they don’t want it.

If reports are true it seems we blinked with our top option and Ole Miss went all in. There is a difference.

Again, so different than the corporate world. You go get your guy, or gal, regardless of the timing.

The money boys are tighter than you know what … until it come to the buy out option. NO way will the HOGS FB Team be nothing more than celler dwellers unless some BIG money isn’t spent to get a FB Coach than get recruit some of the top prospects. Do the Money Boys really care ? Money will tell and if we once again get a second rate FB Coach, the fans can show what they think by not buying tickets. But … hey … does the publick even know who the behind the scene puppet masters are ? What has been done to the Hogs fans over the past few years, doewn’t appear that the powers that be even care.

Oh, they care, as long as it’s someone else’s money. Talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.