Someone needs to explain this to me...

Preferably a coach. I don’t understand Coach Anderson. The first half we’re getting killed. We turn up the pressure and press an unskilled team who can’t handle the press…we come roaring back against Georgia. They turn the ball over several times. The 2nd half we never press an unskilled team like Georgia. We play right into Georgia’s hands by playing half court basketball the entire 2nd half. We win in double overtime somehow. If we press Georgia the entire 2nd half or for a good portion of the half, we win going away. Why would a coach who claims to love pressure basketball let a team who can’t handle the pressure off the hook by never pressing or playing pressure defense?

We won and that is good. I’m glad, but we were fortunate to win. It didn’t have to be this close if we had turned up the pressure. Georgia didn’t have the players to handle the pressure. Any road win is really nice, but i would like someone to ask Coach about this lack of pressure after seeing how we ate their lunch with the pressue.

I’m not a coach but I’ll give a shot at defending the HC that is 9-1 in 1-possession games but is outcoached in every game.

My guess is it was based on the fact that we are thin right now at G and we were playing pretty solid halfcourt defense, and the refs called a lot more fouls on us in the 2nd half and UGA was in the double bonus pretty early.

I think he was concerned about Macon and Barford and Beard staying out of foul trouble and having the legs to knock down huge shots late. I also think he wanted UGA to work for everything they got because they are so bad offensively.

Coach Anderson has always been like that, he frequently changes defenses to keep the opposing team guessing. The press did what it was suppose to do, created a couple of turnovers and speed the game up. Once they started to handle it, and we started picking up fouls, he got out of it and with a 2-3 zone for a little bit, then a half court man to man switching everything.

Also another thing you have to consider, we rely on Barford for a lot of minutes, the press wears him down, so we gotta reserve him a little bit as well and not have him gassed to end the game.

As Dykes pointed out, we did use press defense most of the second half in the half court. We extend some but mainly pressed in the half court. We were very active.

Another thing Coach A did, that I havnt been a huge fan of really up until this game is bringing Macon off the bench. But I will say, tonight that cat was fresh down the stretch, and Barford was gassed.

Yes Barford sweated thru his jersey AND shorts. That’s a worn out dude. I’d say the coach who gets outcoached in every game made the right call.

Coming off a hard Saturday game this was a real gut check. Barford has put in some hard minutes these last two games. Though Barford and Macon were the big contributors, the rest of the bench came up big. I hope Macon and Barford don’t have to play big minutes Saturday.

I hated his early rotations. When Beard threw the 70 foot pass high off the square and CJ chased down the carom and immediately threw up a huge brick and that led to an easy layup it was as bad as I’ve seen since the Stan Heath early years.

I know it is no help, but we really could use Garland. Him being out all year has hampered that guard rotation more significantly than I realized. I hope CJ and Darius improve as we go forward. We need our senior guards to have legs in late February and march

When you press, you are pulled with the offense and out of position. GA had a very strong "Inside " game with Maten and the other big guys. We would be giving them an easy point. He forced them to execute offense which they are not very good at. Most their points came from Maten, 3 point shots, hustle and offensive put-backs; not from offensive execution.

The press we put on them in the first half worked great. Why not do it in the 2nd half? We are not a good half court team, but we did beat Georgia. Georgia is not a strong team. I just got thru hearing Coach Anderson say the other day what a great bench we had. So we are too thin and worn out to press. Come one…the season is only half over and we are too tired to play. I call BS on this one.

Georgia has #53 RPI, arguably the best player in the conference, and they have 4 top 50 wins, and currently on the last 4 out of Lunardi’s bracketology. They are considered a very solid team by any measure.

I think your question has been answered. You just disagree. But since you’re calling BS, you tell us what the answer is?

We are not a good half court team in the sense of a PG making the right pass to the right player for a perfect assist. But we are a team that scores very well in the half court by taking defenders off the dribble and also throwing occasionally into Gafford. We also do a good PNR and at times set good screens.

We don’t have a pretty half court offense, but we score well in half court.

Georgia is not a strong team. They may squeeze in the NCAA’s. I am saying it was not a smart move to not press full court. Georgia couldn’t handle the full court press, so why play their game of half court basketball.

I also heard what Jimmy Dykes said. He said if we play half court basketball, Georgia is likely to win. If Arkansas presses, we are more explosive, so we have a better chance to win. What is your point? Mine is Coach Anderson should have pressed. It worked in the 1st half, it probably would have worked in the 2nd. We may have won easily, but, of course, we will never know because he didn’t press. We narrowly escaped and won in double overtime. We were fortunate we didn’t lose. It never should have been that close.

My point is we did press. What killed us was 3-17 shooting to start the game.

I’m not sure your criteria for a “strong team” but with Georgia’s resume the NCAA committee would consider this a good road win for Arkansas. And that’s the only criteria for a “strong team” that most fans care about.

Exactly. He called bs. Haha

I’ll take a shot, came out flat and had to expell so much energy to get back in the that we had to conserve some for the final push and the possibility of a overtime game.Seems to me it was the right call even though he was going against his preferred style of play. WPS