Someone has to man up against Perry

So we have 4 players that played with Perry for years on the Hawks. Hill and Henderson won’t play but Joe and Sills will.

There is no way in the world you could ever convince me that these former Hawks aren’t pissed about him flipping to Miss St. I think any reasonable person can figure out that Adidas gave his family some cash. That being said if I were Joe or Desi he would never score on me. I would foul out before I let the dude get a bucket. Sadly we don’t ever seem to compete that way against former commits or kids from Arkansas IE - Kavaughn Allen.

CMA had short answers when asked about Perry so maybe he’s got something up his sleeve.

Where’s Roosevelt Wallace when you need him.


As I said in another thread, it was about the people around him and not the kid himself.

There is no doubt they would have rather had Perry with them here at Arkansas, but they don’t have ill will toward him as the fans seem to have.

While Coach Anderson certainly was not pleased - at all - how things went down - he’s not the type to try and hurt a fellow player.

Amen, read your other post also,showed your upstanding character ! WPS

“Hurt”…I never said hurt anyone. Maybe hurt his feelings by keeping him from scoring.

What did I say that showed my “upstanding character”…I’m confused.

He was talking to Dudley, he was discussing the Perry situation in another thread.

Thanks Blu…I was in the clouds…lol

I know he wii, but I wish Anderson would NOT shake Howland hand win or lose at end of game. Wish none of the coaches would.

They won’t. It will be all hugs and love. That’s just the way this generation is. I doubt it even bothers them even though it’s was a huge setback for them and the program.

I hope we give Howlin Ben something to howl about.