Someone has summarized our 2020 season on YouTube

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So sad to see all the screwings we took this year. The kids certainly deserved better. We all know we really went 6-4. So glad so many of our seniors are coming back. Paybacks are a…well, you know. Go Hogs, and good riddance to this awful year. Happy New Year, everyone!

That picture opposite CSP, is the best picture of Curles , I’ve seen in a long time.

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It’s like a bad dream.

Crooked, plain and simple.

The name Curles turns my stomach every time I hear it but like was discussed on the board after Auburn and LSU, the replay officials in Birmingham are the ones that are screwing up. The LSU fumble and the targeting against Catalon were ridiculous. No excuse and if they claim there was not enough evidence to overturn the calls, then what more evidence could you have? I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories but if they are making the rulebook this ambiguous, then a committee needs to be formed with a Representative from each of the 14 schools to rewrite these interpretations to make them less of a subjective decision.


Curles reminds me of curdled milk. Barf!!!

SEC doesn’t write the rulebook or the interpretations. The NCAA does.

Actually the rules are written by the schools. Hunter Yurachek is on the competition committee. The folks in Indianapolis don’t care what the schools come up with.

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