Someone from Hawgs Illustrated just called

… to sell me a subscription. I just laughed at him and told him that I was a mod. Someone should give those guys a list of subscribers.

He then asked me a few questions about what I think of the upcoming season and told me that he would now claim that he had talked with someone famous.

HOGinBA, he told me that I was an Insider. :lol:

We got a door-to-door solicitor from the newspaper tonight. I always chuckle when they ask me if I read it. One time I was walking out the grocery store and a sales rep asked if I had heard of WholeHogSports - that it came as part of the newspaper. I told him I read it every day.

I got a call last week for Hawgs Illustrated also. Lady was shocked to find out that I was already a subscriber.

I received my Scout subscription letter this month. It had a Fayettville address and only said Hawgs Illustrated on the letterhead. It was $99 so I assume it was Scout trying to trick me. I had already canceled online.

The letter was from us. I thought it had my name on it. Only our company would send a letter. Thanks for your support.

PS, I have stopped the solicitations in Harps on Saturday by showing my picture in the paper. Also, some have recognised me and then identified me by my voice from listening to the radio. One guy said, “Stay with me and help me sell subscriptions. This will be impactful.” I told him I had grocery shopping to do for my wife. The truth.

That’s an odd deal. I didn’t receive a letter but I did visit the Scout board a couple days ago and it still has the “Hawgs Illustrated” name at the top of the board.

Surprised at that.

You should have told him “that Matt Jones guy is the best sports writer in the state” :wink:


I just called and renewed using the number on the invoice. I’m glad I asked because I assumed it was Scout since it had nothing about Whole Hog Sports on it. The invoice didn’t have your name on it either. I suppose I’m a little suspicious when it comes to Scout. Love the new format and board. Thanks for providing a quality product!