Someone clarify this statement?

Sebastian Tretola addressed the team, according to an WHS article, and suggested the team could make rapid improvements just by changing their mind frame. I assumed he was talking about the offensive line, but that may not be a fair assumption.

Mind frame? There’s a problem? What could he be talking about?

(OK, I re-read the article and am not sure when he spoke–after last year’s game or in practices this week. Sorta confusing. )

It was very clear in the half-dozen places this was reported. Tretola spoke AFTER last year’s Arkansas-A&M game.

I would assume he was talking about the team as a whole unit, if he wasn’t specifically addressing O-linemen.
He was right and it was the right time to give that speech to the team in my opinion, that is what leadership on a football team or any team sport is all about, keeping or getting the UNIT focused and moving forward.

Mind Frame. He either meant that some were not focused mentally on their job at hand, or to not let the loss affect the their confidence, keep their heads up, put the loss behind them, and move on to the next opponent.