Someone Break Down Next Years Roster

Please. I’ve not been able to watch videos & such this year so I’m mostly in the dark, besides reading info here. I’d like to hear a good analysis from those who’ve watched these kids about all 5 spots next year, assuming Gafford returns. Just like to get a feel for their games.
Sounds like we’ll add a legit scorer at PF which is really good improvement. Also a true PG sounds promising. What about the 3 & shooting guard?
Any word on the FR that was held out for medical reasons?

I’m working on just that as we speak. Did a lot of looking around not only at Arkansas but the league as a whole yesterday and where the Hogs may fit in while traveling home from Detroit. Should have something this evening or in the morning.

On Khalil Garland, I asked Darious Hall on Friday about his outlook on next season and he was optimistic. KG was sitting to his left while I was talking to him and he seems thrilled about Garland.


Would love to hear more about what we look like next year.

Program looked tired and uninspired by seniors the lasttwo games at the end of the season.

Hoping a fab five like youth movement gets us to the dance next year.

I was going to ask this question and glad it’s being worked on. Trying to be optimistic and ignore the "fire Mike, he has to go crowd. Choosing to hope for better suits me better than begging for change that could be much worse.