Somehow we have got to beat Alabama

to forget this unnecessary and painful loss to A+M. It might not completely erase the sting, but it would certainly help.

IMVHO, I believe if we would have won yesterday, we would beat Bama. However, as the game was going on, especially the end, I could see players (I hate to say give up), maybe not being as into it as they should be. Then I saw total deflation on the sideline. Now we get Bama, first time we make a mistake and Bama capitalizes (which they will). I can see us going south in a hurry.

Despite appearances a&m did not have michael vic for qb. Their whole offense was one shifty running back. Alabama has a whole lot more going for them than one running back. They’re gonna score 50. We might get a sack :man_shrugging:

And I would love to have him to go along with Green and Rocket

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