Somehow I believe that UA

got the better guy as DC. Tom Herman of Texas hired former Rutgers HC and Arkansas assistant Chris Ash as his new DC!

Richard said Texas offered Odom first before Ash, but he took us

That says a lot about our new HC considering the situations.

Well, I don’t know about that. Herman’s seat is probably very warm while Coach Pittman is probably on at least a 3 year stay here, if not longer. So, if a guy is looking for security as a DC, Arkansas is probably a better choice at this point, even if the athletes are not comparable. Just my view.on the deal.

Coach Ash never seemed comfortable here the first time.

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Ash has never called plays in an offense that wasn’t ground and pound bully ball. Herman won’t make it past next season.

Ash will be Texas’ DC.

Missouri has a strong defense and they played hard! Odom can coach! I don’t remember enough about Ash from his time here to compare them. Pitman felt comfortable with Odom and that is what mattered.

That’s what a Texas contact said.

I know. That’s why I’m saying Herman won’t last much longer.

Ohio State under Urban wasn’t bully ball. He was the co-DC for their 2014 NC and their 12-1 team in '15. Yeah they could run with Zeke Elliott, but they had Michael Thomas at WR and Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett throwing; passed for 247 ypg in '14 and 188 ypg in '15.

He also wasn’t calling the shots on defense either.

Were you on their headset?

I don’t care to have anyone associated with Oh St. recently. Meyer is exception but I’m not a great fan of his either other than being a great coach.
But they all had some association with that former slimeball assistant coach who stirred the s… with KJ just recently. Seems to be Ego St not Oh St.

Ohio st. Is just like all big programs win or get fired. Urban and crew refused to talk to back ups and constantly recruited their opponents best players within their state and took them if they truly wanted them. Kj’s parents got jobs and moved to Ohio in exchange for him signing there. His parents were paid to play at north Little Rock too.