is going to hire Matta! I hope it is us. Say we do hire Beard. With any success at all he will be gone 2-3 years!

He’s arguably the most qualified available candidate out there to begin with. Why we didn’t beat a path to his or Hoiberg’s doorstep for interviews to start with is beyond me.

17 seasons, only once did any of his teams finish with fewer than 20 wins
13 trips to the NCAAT
2 Final Fours
2 more Elite Eights
2 more Sweet 16’s
An NIT championship
Only twice did his NCAAT teams not make it past the first round of the tournament

Virtually no one else matches that. Only question is whether or not his health is still an issue, and one has room to assume it isn’t because he was a serious candidate for the UCLA job.

Was he a serious candidate because he wanted to be, or because UCLA thought they could lure him?

You’d have to ask him, but he removed himself from consideration for whatever reason. As different as that UCLA crowd is, it’s honestly hard to say, but why would he ever allow himself to be considered in the first place if he believed he wasn’t physically able to do the job?

If not, his resume is the best one out there right now. I wouldn’t have any heartache with us hiring him.

What coach has ever done that that took the Arkansas job in any major sport? ghg

Gotta love the internet. I just googled Thad Matta. Currently on his Wikipedia page just under his picture: Current Position,
Title: Head Coach; Team: University of Arkansas; Conference: SEC.

Well, certainly not in 2 or 3 years, but Eddie Sutton used his success here to get the Kentucky job. In his words “I would crawl to Kentucky for that job.” Or something similar. I assume the poster is assuming that Beard’s KY would be Texas, KY, NC, etc.

Sutton was mad at Broyles for telling him to clean his act up or he wouldn’t have left either. ghg