Somebody 'splain something to me

Some of the people who wanted Jeff Long gone kept saying that the RRS project is going way over budget. Today I read something that the steel work going on now is on budget, but the fittings that will go in later are going way over. Huh? How do they know? Have they already bought this stuff and it’s sitting in a warehouse somewhere, because there sure aren’t any niceties in what I see on the construction webcam. Or is this just stuff people made up to have an excuse to fire JL? I mean, what’s done is done, but if that’s their reason for firing him, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

It was a big D contest - that’s all it was. Some BOT members drive monster trucks and felt inadequate so they went after Long. JL may not have been all warm and fuzzy to those guys but he was definitely and advocate for the student athlete.

Nate Allen nailed the reasons for Jeff Long being fired in today’s column:
[quote]Back in 2007, not quite suppressing his glee that iconically powerful Arkansas athletics director Frank Broyles was being eased into retirement on Jan. 1, 2008, former UA Chancellor John White expressed loathing for the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” while introducing Jeff Long, hired then from Pittsburgh as Arkansas’ AD-in-waiting.

Long eagerly asserted he read from White’s same page.

Thereupon, they broke fixed Razorbacks relationships and traditions like a loan shark’s goon breaks arms.
[/quote]The emphasis is mine.

Nate’s article

I have to admit I don’t know what relationships and traditions were broken.
What specifically were they? I missed Nate’s piece.

I know of a few. They had class however and didn’t raise a stink. Nate hit the nail on the head.

The sports editor for the ADG said in a column within the last week that the inside things were exceeding budget. I wondered how that could be so at this point, too. He cited no sources, but simply reported it. If there’s an overage for indoor decor, I’d be shocked if it amounted to very much relative to the total.

Great article by Nate. Wish it had not taken this long for the change to occur

The facility has a budget, which includes furnishings, big screens, elevators, concession improvements stadium wide, re-do on existing suites, and tearing out some EOC seating for Founder’s Suites, Wally is just throwing crap and seeing what will stick.


I have to admit I don’t know what relationships and traditions were broken.
What specifically were they? I missed Nate’s piece.
[/quote]First of all, I linked Nate’s article (that is why it shows up in grey at the bottom of the post.)

Second, Long cleaned house in the athletic department, firing many (if not all) of those associated with Frank Broyles. He tried to purge Frank by leaving him (and Dean Weber) completely out of the first football media guide after he took over.

Those are two examples. I personally think that he had an aversion to hiring coaches with an Arkansas affiliation (think about the track hire.)

Imagine Wally doing that. (Please note dripping sarcasm.)

The stadium project complaints were a red herring used to justify firing a guy who the average fan had no reason to dislike. For whatever reason Long had fallen out of favor with enough big boosters to get him fired. So he had to go.

A big part of any AD’s job is keeping big donors happy, if not there are consequences that any AD would face.

I keep reading post where many thought Jeff long was this really smart sharp guy( that was especially the perception outside of Arkansas) but my QUESTION is WHY do some in Arkansas think it was smart to purge or semi purge the dept of the people that helped build the FOUNDATIONS of the program. Matt and Marty have been trying over and over to tell y’all that. You can talk about big boosters all you want. That’s not what caused this to come to a head. Jeffs own actions or accumulations of his decisions over time did him in J m h o

John White.

Yep. John White footprints all over the place. Bonafide &%rd.

Yep. John White footprints all over the place. Bonafide &%rd.

Totally agree John white started the mess.