Somebody say it

Ain’t so.

He gone

No confirmation to this point from those that would be involved

It ain’t over till it’s over. Hopefully

What’s going on?

Did the NCAA ban dunks?

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That would be horrible just awful.

I’ll say it, Woods to the portal, supposedly.

Thank you ricepig1… even if its rumor I’d still like to know. I hate the BS of posting something then not saying what it is. Then others playing along. That always just smacks of “I know something you don’t know” BS from childhood.


I’ve made it clear that I don’t traffic in rumors.

However, I do my best to research them with sources and then confirm or deny them.

That’s what we are in the process of doing right now.

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Will be another WR and OL, from what I hear. It’s going to be this way with the new one time transfer rule, just part of the new game we’re playing.

I fear players will start using it as, what’s a good word?..leverage. The old saying My way or the highway, has now become a Okay, I own a on ramp.

That being said, the immediate transfer will be just a one-year , one-time deal for undergraduates.

I think it’s a good rule for the players, but it’s going to be a very manipulated rule on both sides. The corrupt in college sports are going to love it.

Leverage implies you’re trying to get something in return. If you leave you’re not getting anything back. And there are people transferring who are starters and all-conference players, so they’re not going for playing time.

If the rumor is based on this tweet, somebody misunderstood. Woods will be a senior this fall so this would be his last spring.

Given his performance in the spring game, and the number of articles I have seen about him (and the duo of him and Burks), a transfer does not make sense.

Has nothing to do with that tweet, DD, and others like him aren’t chasing this down because of that tweet. This type of info comes from within the department, hopefully Sam sits everyone down and smooths it out.

One would have to think it would need to be done quickly.

Seeing reports that his locker cleaned out and that he is done. Hope that’s not the case.

Ahhh, Hogville “reports.” Ironclad I’m sure.