Somebody predicted in November

That we would have five players averaging double figures. I wasn’t sure because I didn’t think we would score enough to have that kind of balance. Well, so far he’s right – barely. We have five, but Desi is about to slip under 10.0, which is exactly where he is now (well, 10.047). Vanover started out in dubs but the limited minutes due to getting caught in numerous pick and rolls has pulled him down to 7.9.

The list:
Moses 16.3
JD 13.0
Smith 11.6
Tate 11.0
Desi 10.0
CV 7.9
Devo 6.6
Vance 4.4
Jaylin 3.2
KK 2.6
Ethan 1.0

Team is 10th in the nation in scoring at 82.8, which is more than I expected. But Desi has to resume his production or he won’t be on the 10+ list soon.

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