Somebody must Know Something

I am sure somebody on here knows something better than the rumors we get from the baber shop in Yellville or some such place.

Many on here keep throwing out this or that which is ok and part of a message board, but then some state it like it is a certainity of this or that.

Seems to me like if this is all been planned out with the departure of Long and Bret, the new coach is a done deal. It had better be that way or we may very well go from the pan to the fire.

Jim, you read my mind. I was just thinking the same thing.

I hope it’s not the fire.

I’ve been saying this as well.

Surely they have their man.

If they don’t and now are just in the mix for a flavor of the month, I’ve lost all faith.

I have to assume they think they have Gus, doubt they have much more than an up and comer if that falls through.

As Arkansas fans know all too well, what the powers that be think and what actually happens (Grobe, Bowden, Tuberville, Gillespie, Self) are two different things. Circumstances can change and sometimes people claim to know have agendas. On at least one occasion, getting the new guy to town doesn’t always do the trick (Altman). All we know is that Gus is the top Target. Anything else anyone “knows” is actually just speculation. I wouldn’t expect any clarity until after the Iron Bowl, and maybe not even then depending on the result.

I have no sources but seems this was the plan:

  1. Fire Bielema regardless of who’s available.
  2. Fire Long because he wanted to give Bielema another year.
  3. Make a strong push for Malzahn since the money ppl driving this train are part of his cult.
  4. If he plays us or AU falls back in love with him after an Iron Bowl and possibly SECCG win, scramble for the best available unproven up-and-comer or established HC with warts.

I think that’s it. That’s pretty much the anatomy of a search for almost everyone, including us.

They know who they want (Malzahn) but there’s no way they have him locked up.

There’s very little chance we get him if he wins this game and especially if/when they then roll Uga, again.

I’ve seen too many of these searches. The people who advocate the most for the firing are usually the ones who are supremely confident that the decision-makers know what they’re doing and wouldn’t have moved without having things locked up.

Then, Plan A almost always falls through and people are shocked that it wasn’t planned better.

and the biggest issue with “good ole boys, backroom, handshake deals

I believe Plan A and Plan B may not happen

They usually don’t, regardless of school and situation. Saban fell in their lap.

Question for you or anyone else that know something about Football. In the Iron Bowl, #77 for Bama jumped off sides. The officials threw the flag and blew the whistle. However, the AUB defender jumped into him and shoved his hand into 77’s face mask. I thought that was illegal hands to the face. If the whistle blows, does that mean it can’t be a penalty?