Somebody in Ole Miss regional might have to play 3

With yesterday’s rainout, what would have been the Sunday-Monday schedule is now compressed into Monday. The team that wins the elimination game Monday morning would then play the 2-0 team, and would have to play them twice if they win the first game. Thus a potential tripleheader. Talk about putting a strain on your bullpen…

The way it was explained to me yesterday was that it will be played on a 3-2-2 format the final three days, meaning the losers today would play an elimination game tonight, the winners today would play tomorrow afternoon and then another elimination game would be played tomorrow night. No team could play more than twice in a day.

Well, according to the tournament schedule page on, it would be three on Monday. However, the OM tournament website says 3 on Sunday – elimination game, winners game, then another elimination game. But no one would play more than 2. That makes sense.

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