Somebody bring me up to speed

When have we been this fired up about a season, coming up??

Were we this pumped up in Sutton years? 90-91, 93-94, 94-95?

Is this the best class ever??

Thoughts please.

NOTE: we just finished an Elite 8 run again, can it get any better than this?

It will get better, it’s like a ticking bomb, the question is when it blows up.

I don’t remember this instant turn around to projections for a new season.

3 seasons, 3 seasons and look where we are today. Baseball has been there but FB and BB are looking at a chance for magical seasons…

On paper it really looks like a incredible class but we will have to see how they all mesh together with the transfer people were bringing in. The one thing we will have to do is shoot the 3 better and with the exception of one maybe two people that we’re bringing in it doesn’t look like we will have a really have a good three-point shooting team,very similar to this year. I think we have to work hard to develop that threat


It’s been long time.

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I believe that we will be significantly better from the 3 point line. We will have a strong front line that can score and at least 2 quality point guards to distribute the ball to the open shooter. If Jaylin returns, we will be strong both scoring and rebounding. The portal players have a lot of untapped potential that should provide great depth. We can also play big if we need to. That ability will prevent teams from sagging inside and provide a lot of open looks from 3. I think that Muss will have the best offensive team since the Corliss years. The only question in my mind is how long will it take for Muss to create his normal lock down defensive team.

Not as long as you might think, but we will be an absolute offensive juggernaut next year…the living embodiment of pace and space. Buckle up.

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