Some "way too early" predictions for Hogs 2022 Defense

“Way too early” is the key phrase here….

Count me in the one who’s really concerned about the run defense especially if Carter can’t come back. You will never stop the run in a 3-2 defense without an absolute monster at NG and it doesn’t look like we’re going to have one even if Carter comes back. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get one in the portal either. It is what it is no sense in worrying about it

Sam said Carter didn’t have an ACL. In all likelihood that means cartilage. He can rehab from a meniscectomy in plenty of time.


I was hoping since they didn’t have the procedure done right away that it was going to be something that was just going to be a clean-up job

We definitely need him to be in there

Couple of my predictions:

• Drew Sanders will rack up tackles and be a great complement to Bumper. KJ Jefferson and Trey Knox were really high on him and said he played all over the field. He can really run.

• Eric Gregory jumps out and makes a name for himself. Feel like this has been building. He’s somewhat quietly been a pretty productive player, and I think he can have a strong season.

• Also think Dwight McGlothern will be a true impact guy so long as his hamstring isn’t an issue. He tweaked it late in the spring.

Sam said it did not appear to be an ACL that afternoon. They had done an MRI at that point. No one has said what it was they fixed. I’m not comfortable saying exactly what it is but I am not sure when he will be back.

I do think Gregory will have an impact this year and speaking of Knox I think he will have a very big impact this year. Sanders will indeed have a huge year… He’s the best athlete we’ve ever had at linebacker.

Sanders is among the best athletes to play linebacker at Arkansas. I would say he’s probably not any better than Dirt Winston or Wayne Harris. Yes, I’m old.

Vincent Bradford was such a good athlete he got drafted in the third round…

… by the Detroit Tigers

I was told Sanders chased down Hornsby on a play.

Saw that play; truly stunning to watch it unfold. :open_mouth:

Yeah I saw that play… pretty much sold me on his athleticism

I didn’t see it lol.

It was in the spring practice if that’s the one they’re talking about. Hornsby sprinted out and Sanders came up and went stride for stride with him as he tried to outrun to the sideline

Dirt Winston was an absolute beast I know exactly are you talking about


He was a beast on the field but not at the pool table.

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