Some want to give him a 6th year? All these

Coaches are on him, all the game plan is on him and this is a total embarressment

Replace enos now. Let lunney call plays. Enos stinks.

Seems both Cords need to go, CBB also for allowing this while he’s in control

I’ve changed my mind!!! Extend this Good and descent man!!!

Hey, Jackson…you misspelled decent. I’m gonna call Swine and let him know. You will be getting a reprimand.


LOL. Yeah, call Mr. Genius, Swine, about the misspelling. The same guy that lectures us to be careful what we ask for when wanting Bielema to be fired. Unreal.

Lets see, just heard Ole Miss D has given up 1100 yards rushing last 4 games…um we shread them 1st drive running the ball. I think its time to give that up and throw the ball :roll:


I’m detecting some people who think this board should be like the Rush Limbaugh show – no dissenting opinions allowed. Even if the people with whom you are dissenting wouldn’t be able to find a clue if it had a name tag on its shirt (if you think I might be talking about you, I probably am).

I’ve said clearly that BB has been igniting the fires under his own chair and I will not be surprised if he is fired. But do not approach this offseason under the impression that we’ll magically win 10 games next year with a new staff. Firing the staff is not a magic solution.

We have now moved into the name calling part of our afternoon

Just time for some new blood at the HC