Some unique numbers

Arkansas’s average scoring by half (first vs. second) prior to beginning of SEC play:

First - 39, Second - 44

Arkansas’s average scoring by half in SEC games + Oklahoma St.:

First - 35, Second - 42

Arkansas opponents’ average scoring by half prior to beginning of SEC play:

First - 35, Second - 35

And in SEC games + Oklahoma St.:

First - 39, Second, 39

Number of games in which Arkansas scored more in the first half than in the second half: five, only two in SEC play (Kentucky, Missouri at BWA).

Number of games in which Arkansas opponents scored more in the first half than in the second: 10, including six in SEC play.

Arkansas’s record when opponents scored 40+ points in the first half: 4-6 (three of the wins were against Fort Wayne, North Florida and UT Arlington). Saturday was the first time since North Florida that Arkansas won a game after giving up 40+ points in the first half.

Missouri at Columbia tied for the second-most points scored in the first half against the Razorbacks this season. Oklahoma St. leads with 59. Missouri and Fort Wayne had 47.

Arkansas has won every game in which it allowed 37 points or less in the first half. The only game Arkansas lost when it gave up less than 40 points in the first half = Vanderbilt (39).

Arkansas has used 10 different starting lineups this season. Mike Anderson used the first four starting lineups for the Razorbacks’ first 13 games + he has never used them again.

The starting lineup for the Vanderbilt game at BWA (Beard, Hannahs, Barford, Thomas, Kingsley) was used for the first time this season.

The starting lineup for the LSU road game (Beard, Hannahs, Barford, Bailey, Kingsley) also was a first try.

For those who point out that MA focuses more on minutes than starters:

MA has used nine different unique groupings to give top-5 minutes in games this season.

When Arkansas was led in minutes by the quintet of Beard, Hannahs, Kingsley, Macon and Watkins, the Hogs were 1-3 (losses to Florida, Kentucky and Vanderbilt, win over Missouri).

I don’t know that says a lot about how those five play together. Other groupings were involved with the Hogs falling behind, and these might be the five that MA trusts most.

Barford has been in the top five for minutes played in 17 games. Arkansas’s record in those games = 14-3.

Good job,interesting numbers. It appears our fastest forty style so far has not affected the oppponents scoring in the second half as it is the same for both halfs of the game according to your numbers. We haven’t played a game yet that we have played the same D through out the entire game that I recall, however I’d would be willing to bet that our zone has allowed fewer points per minute played than the the man to man D. I’m sure MA and staff have all the numbers and look at them to determine how to play what works best. None the less sure enjoyed reading your post. WPS

I don’t have the numbers and I don’t really know what it means, but I do know that we are significantly outscoring our opponents in the second half. I also think KY is the only game we have lost when leading at the half. I’m sure Randy will check my numbers.

Correction, we were down by 3 at KY.

Also, of the 7 games we’ve lost, here is where we were at the half

Minn: down 17
FLA: down 9
UK: down 3 (so we weren’t leading, my bad)
MSU: down 6
OKSU: down 26
UM: down 13
Vandy: down 21

So we haven’t given up a half time lead and lost. The only losses are those we couldn’t come back from. OSU was the only game that got worse. We either pushed in the second half or made a push back into the game. That says a lot about the character of the team. They don’t give up.

If we can get to halftime with the lead, we are in great shape.

Beating a drum, I suppose, so apologies up front:

  1. waiting until halftime to make adjustments is not always a good idea. We seem to let things fumble around in the first half and use halftime to implement a fix. Hey, good news: we have a fix. Bad news: too many teams from here out will be good enough to withstand or even adapt.

  2. sure wish we had a lockdown defensive player who could shut down the opponents outside scorer. Make them turn to option #2 or #3, at least. Prioritize their time on the court (and role on offense) to allow maximum energy for defense. Lots of offensive options, but not a lot of defensive options … on the perimeter, at least.

  3. it doesn’t do a lot of good to have a rotation where all five are score-first players. No one will dish, no one will look to make one extra pass so that the shot goes from good to layup. Item #2 and #3 could be the same player, presumably.

Do you have any stats on your points 2 and 3. For instance, in the 6 games we lost, who was the best offensive player for the other team and who did we have guarding them and who do you think we should had guarding them? Also, for instance, do you have a +/- stat on how our offense performs when the best 5 were on the floor versus when they weren’t? It would be nice to see those numbers when making your point.

Obviously, there is not a lockdown defender on our roster. We have some people who can do some damage on the press with quickness and length, but those people do not in turn lock down in the halfcourt. Beard and Manny seem to me to be our best halfcourt defenders, but Beard does it by trapping someone else’s man.

Regarding point 2 and point 3, the roster is what it is. Nobody is going to turn into Patrick Beverley overnight (wish he’d played that kind of D while he was here). Nor is there a Lonzo Ball lurking on our bench.

Some midhalf adjustments would be nice. I suspect they happen, but then usually require further refinement at intermission.

Swine, good comments.

Huntinghog, I’d have to dig them up. You don’t have to do a lot of work with a dry erase marker and court board, marking makes and misses, to realize we allow a lot of shooters to set their feet and elevate before the defense is anywhere nearby.

By far the most successful starting lineup (and lineup in general) is Barford, Macon, Hannahs, Thomas, Kingsley. That’s also the one that was +13 in about 10 minutes against LSU. Started the second half.

None of the 3 starting lineups Cook has been in have a positive +/-. All but one of Thomas’ are positive, but obviously he got to start most of the nonconference slate.

What I like to know is why we can’t getting going in the first half?