Some tips for using the new board

I’ve had several people ask me to list some tips for using this board vs. the old board. Here are some things I have noticed that will hopefully help in your navigation of the board.

  • Unfortunately, there is no “classic view” as many have asked about. The collapsable view was a popular function when boards were only accessed by desktop. Now about half of our readers are on phones or tablets.

That said, there are some ways that you can sort of pick and choose what you read without going through an entire topic.

The “new posts” and “unread posts” along the top rail allow you to see the most recent individual posts. You can tinker with the settings to customize it.

  • If you are looking for a post from a particular person, it is best to use the advanced search feature. For instance, you can type “Richard Davenport” in the author search bar and his most recent posts appear. You can find advanced search at the following link: search.php

  • Personal messages are turned on, but there is a glitch in the system that our IT staff is working on. I hope to have that fixed in the next day or so. As of now you can send PMs, just can’t read them.

  • Some have asked about the ability to hover over a post. I do not see that option anywhere, but am looking into it. I’ll update you if I find that capability.

  • I have also added the ability to add a tweet or YouTube video to your post. You’ll see those buttons just above where you type your post. Click the button and insert the link to the YouTube video or tweet you want to embed.