Some thoughts from the Mississippi State series

It wasn’t a double header. It was the typical Game 3 on Sunday of the series.

Game 1 was Friday night
Game 2 was Saturday night

Sorry. any strategy that takes the bat out of Wallace’s hands is questionable.
Based on everything we saw from Stovall this series, and that is all we are talking about, not questioning Stovall’s overall skills or future, DVH would have been lucky if that hit had gone through.
If anyone else was next up, okay. But Stovall had shown nothing all series but strike out.
I strongly support DVH, but no one is perfect.
The blame seems to be being put on the players in general, which is unfair to many of the players and particularly those that got on base. All of that was clutch performance.
The decision to take the bats out of the hands of Gregory and Wallace in favor of a guy hitting 0-fer for the series and ended the series that way is not sound.
If Turner were batting second and Stovall 8th then okay.

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Hard to argue considering the outcome. The end result might be the same, but situational strategies have a bad track record.
You dance with the one who got you there. Confident, above average hitters probably want to smack the ball, they expect to hit the ball. Even more so if they have a high on base percentage.

We disagree and that’s OK. Every strategy is questionable, especially when it does not work. Had Gregory swung away and struck out or grounded into a double play, people would have been questioning why he didn’t bunt.

I think most coaches are going to bunt the winning run into scoring position, or in the case of the ninth inning, into position for a potential sac fly.

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My bad I get mixed up with game times. 8000 miles away. Anyway I’m happy the Hogs keep the series win streak going.

I blame Kopps…set the bar so high.

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Same for Wallace? Agree Gregory bunting seems more logical.
Botton line is no coach bats 100% on their micromanagements.
We likely just experienced this on Sunday.

Kopps did not set that part of the bar any higher. That has been there since baseball. It is not good baseball to gift a player on base in late innings. Well any inning, but especially in a tie game, and the number 9 hitter. That is just very poor pitching any way you color it.

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