Some things to know before the first football game

… that are not about football!

Good news! They have installed lights along the entire sidewalk from MLK (6th Street) to the stadium. There should be no need for those blinding temporary lights that have been brought in for games in the past.

There is a revised traffic flow pattern for this year. Best Route to the Game?

As someone who parks in lot 56, I’m glad to see that they are allowing more than two exits from that lot post-game.

If you know of anything that needs to be noted, please add to this thread.

Note that parking passes are color coded with how they want you to enter/leave. My Lot 56 passes are blue so they want me going down Razorback Road and Cato Springs Road. Which is usually how I do anyway, coming from Fort Smith.

I believe that the Lot 56 passes are blue because the lot is shown as blue on the map of lots. It would make NO sense to route me to Razorback Road, since you cannot turn left at 15th Street. That would mean that I would have to get on I-49 instead of turning into my neighborhood. I always go out Stadium Drive and turn on Hill Street (where Brenda’s Bigger Burgers used to be), then I’m into my own neighborhood via the back way.

Uh, sorry Marty, but if you read the story you linked above, it tells you why your pass is blue.

[quote]For convenience of Razorback fans, all parking passes issued by the Razorback Foundation will include the color of the route that is recommended for entry and exit from their designated parking lot.

I suppose you could ignore the route recommendations and try to do Stadium Drive (which is usually how I’ve exited 56 in the past) but they may not allow it.

Blue Route (Razorback Road and Cato Springs Road) – Based primarily west of the stadium on Razorback Road, the blue route will serve those in parking lots 46, 47N, 55, 56, 56B, 56D, 59, 60, 62, 72R and 73A, Meadow Street Parking Garage and The Gardens. The blue route includes entry from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Razorback Road/Cato Springs Road. Post-game traffic will be routed exclusively to the Razorback Road/Cato Springs Road exit on I-49. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is not an option post-game.

Y’all are exactly right. I missed the recommended route part of the article. Now as long as they don’t force me to go that way, I’ll be fine.

Not related.
But “where Brenda’s Bigger Burgers used to be” mercy I had a lot of those burgers. And I mean a bunch.
Brings back old memories!

Looks like they have the Red Route running down Stadium Drive to MLK, Marty. Will they let you/us go out that way? Stay tuned.

I was in the foundation this afternoon and they weren’t sure. The article does say “recommended.” I will check again Monday.

Are there buses that run from Lot 56 for older people that have problems walking all the way to the stadium?

Yes, they run a shuttle from lot 56 and they use quite a few busses and it is a very used option. I love it.

Indeed there are. They run from the bus stop area in the Northwest corner of the lot to each of the gates on the corners of the stadium. The return bus runs from gate 16 to lot 56 after the game.

I hope to see a whole lot more security away from the stadium. Like 500 yards away in all directions. The more security I see, the better.

Marty if you go by the Foundation on the parking flow and have chance ask them about east-west access pre and post game on Meadow and Leroy Pond Rd. The Map always shows both open to two way traffic but I have found the officers on duty to be oblivious to this access. I usually am forced to go through 56B in gaining access to Downtown. I have split parking in 72 BM and 73 and it appears the flow is only west out of 73 while 73A is allowed on Razorback Rd. I anticipate it should be either way. Dufus

I upped my contribution…

They gave me Lot 1, which is in Ft. Smith.


are you feeling insecure? What’s up?

I called early this morning and they never called me back. I finally got someone to answer just before 5.

The traffic pattern is developed by the City of Fayetteville, not the University. As we thought, the color of the route is a suggestion, not a requirement.

Dufus, we could only look at the maps and try to figure out the answer to your question. The maps do indeed show that there should be two-way access on Leroy Pond and on Meadow. There is no West exit from 73A, the ONLY exit is onto Razorback Road. 72 BMS shows an exit onto Razorback Road from the far North end of the lot.

for the huntin hog, no I am not feeling insecure myself, but I am concerned about overall security for everyone at any large crowd event in these times we are living in now. I am the head of security at the Church I attend, so I pay attention to what is going on around me. Hope this makes sense. I know there will be plenty of security inside and just outside the stadium at maybe 75 yards. It is the trip in and out walking in a large crowd unarmed that concerns me. I am used to carrying concealed everyday and I dont like that feeling of being without it. In my opinion it is just a matter of “when” and not “if” there is another terrorist attack on a large crowd of people that is packed in tight together that are both unarmed and very lightly protected somewhere in our now crazy world we live in. I think everyone can still remember all the several recent events in France, no good honest citizen has his own protection, we all know the results. That is my honest opinion on this.