Some things I've heard

From an optics standpoint Yurachek can not hire another coach from SMU.


I get that from some but I don’t get it. It’s like some said they were tired of the Allen brothers at QB. I never understood that.


This is one of my concerns. Can he recruit if he is not cheating? Is he even a decent coach if he can’t cheat? I am not saying the answers to those questions are “no.” I am saying, we don’t know. There is going to be some unknown no matter who we hire. But he seems to have more unknown than I am comfortable with. Just my opinion.


I was told both Kiffin and Leach were definitely interested. Has that changed on either side?

Disappointed that Norvell is not interested. Assumed that could have been a mutually good fit.
Campbell was on FSU HC list. He will either go there or remain at ISU.
Kiffin would be interested in any Power 5 program. Only if HY decides he is a good fit & issue free.
Drinkwitz might be good but is lack of experience is too much of a gamble? He would be reasonable
on cost & would be returning home. So. Carolina might want him after last weekend’s game.
Leach would be a huge disappointment & likely prolong the agony. Afraid he would be another buyout.
Dykes. Possibly but question if he would be a CCM deja vu primarily because he is at SMU.
Skip Holtz?

Agree. It’s not like SMU is the problem. It’s like saying we don’t want a coach who drove in on I-540 because that’s how the last one got here. We want one who’ll fly in to XNA. Makes no sense to me.

Exactly. Because of his cheating, we can’t even call Freeze a proven HC.

I hate the thought that anyone with the UA even approached Gus Malzahn.


they are not going to be lined up for our job, the way the team is performing, the negative rhetoric I keep hearing about “since Texas A&M came into the league. Arkansas lost their Texas recruiting pipeline, and they are up in the middle of no where”. I have heard the line about the reason for our demise being A&M many times. I think it is horsesh*t, we are the reason for our demise. If BB had not been a hot air braggert, and pissed off the texas high school coaches, AND beaten A&M just a couple of those games, and if he had been more motivated to coach instead going home to drink and gawk at this wife. we would not have not be in this situation. I think the team is not as bad as it appears. We need Colonel Jessup from a few good men, to dress these boys down and get them turned around. If we get the right guy, they will turn this around quickly.

Freeze will probably come here without a buyout. Hunter wants to reverse the new norm of buyouts.

aTm being in the SEC is a non-issue for us. Approx. 2/3 of aTm players are from TX, & they primarily recruit the Houston market as they did prior to SEC.

UofA playing aTm in DFW each year only gives us more exposure to No. Texas. The talent in TX is huge so don’t see aTm as a factor as much as OU & OSU. Our big negative has been CBB running off TX recruits & our lack of proven success.

Dykes didn’t set the world on fire at Cal. He was fired for a very good reason, he did not win. He also threw La Tech under the bridge prior to his leaving for Cal. La Tech ended up quite well by getting Skip Holtz.

I’m not advocating for Dykes. I’m just saying the fact that he’s at the same school Morris left shouldn’t matter.

I do not doubt the original post but just because a guy says he is not interested does not mean he is not interested. The quickest way for a coach to get in trouble with their own fan base is for it to become known that they are interested in another job. If I am Norvell or any coach with a job I am not ever going to say to anyone that I am interested in another job unless I know I am absolutely sure that my comments are confidential. This is the very reason that doing a search by committee is a bad idea as a prospective coach knows that nothing will be kept in confidence. My guess is that there are very few people who actually know who might be interested. I would also point out that the current coach at Alabama said he was not interested several times before accepting the job.

Very good point…you never really know.

HY has already said he is not going to discuss his search with anyone, much like the basketball search, there was a lot of speculation while he was quietly doing a fantastic job. I am hoping he can do it again. the more i see and hear about our basketball team, it just keeps getting better.

Youdaman, I’m hoping the new coach keeps Lunney and Traylor on staff at least. What are your thoughts?

I was for the Musselman hire because of his connection and experience with the NBA as I felt that such experience would be a real positive with recruiting. So far that seems to be true and I am just wondering if a guy with an NFL connection would be as important for football recruiting? My guess is that all these 5 star elite athletes want to go to the NFL just like the 5 star basketball players want to go to the NBA so is that experience in the NFL as important for football recruiting as it appears to be for basketball recruiting?

Before we lose sight of RD’s OP, a gentle reminder: when the entire coaching fraternity is literally an option in the eyes of fans it is hard to consider who might, or might not, be a “good fit.”

When you get to the morning after the Mizzou game we should start to get a better idea of what names are giving off a bit of smoke (as in, “where there is smoke, there is fire”). Take that final 2-3 and I bet most of us will conclude, “well, they ain’t Knute Rockne, but they are better than Chad.”

It is hard not to upgrade at this point. It is really hard to see that for many of us.

Good to see that Campbell was at least mentioned. I’d hate for this search to conclude without at least poking about to determine Campbell’s interest.

I doubt Hunter is discussing the search with anyone. Most of the information is not going to come from Arkansas athletic department. It’s going to be coaches in the network between two different camps talking.

Assistant coaches talk to each other. They are going to talk because they are trying to get a job for January. That means Memphis coaches are interested and Arkansas coaches are interested, and everywhere in between.

And, the agents have clients that are coordinators. It’s all a big old network.

Some of these are not interested until they are told they have the job. Does that make sense? Some will interview. Some will not. You will not know if Norvell is/was truly interested until the job is filled and he’s not there. My two cents.

Remember, he was interested last time and he didn’t get it. Not going to do that again, probably. He might be interested.