Some things I've heard

I’ve heard numerous things on the coaching search but nothing solid enough to report until today.

I’m told Gus, Matt Campbell and Norvell have said no.

As I posted a few days ago, I know Leach and Freeze are interested. Others to keep an eye on are Sonny Dykes and Bryan Harsin.

As far as Freeze and the Ole Miss situation, I’m told the SEC has cleared him to coach in the league again. He was under consideration for OC jobs at two SEC schools last year before taking the Liberty job.

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They Said no to HY or BOT?

Hope that is right as it stops a lot of unnecessary chatter.

I should’ve said not interested.

I know how rumors are during searches so I’m careful to say anything but this source is pretty connected. I guess we’ll know for certain in a few weeks.

Norvell Info needs to be rechecked.

Second person has told me. Not saying it’s 100% but this source talks to the right people to have an informed opinion. Like I said, we’ll know in a few weeks.

Understood but the person Ive talked to is plugged in to Norvell camp.

That’s fine. I respect that.

RD, do you think Freeze would be considered? If he’s really got his act together and there are no sanctions attached who knows. He could recruit Memphis and Mississippi for sure. He probably wouldn’t be accepted though.

Thought we couldn’t / wouldn’t approach them until after the season. Or is it their agents telling us no on their clients behalf.

I’m told he is under consideration. Would Hunter pull the trigger on him after Ole Miss stuff? I don’t know.


I’m glad Gus isn’t interested, I wasn’t interested in him either, lol. The other two are at the top of my board.


Freeze only succeeded with the aid of an infamous/notorious pay for play operation. Unless we are going to go all in on that game why in the Hell would he be considered ?


I would be extremely embarrassed for my university and everyone associated with it if hugh freeze is hired.

Fortunately I do not believe HY will do that.

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That’s something that will definitely be talked about if Arkansas decided to go that direction. History would say no.

Coaches are going to be getting raises at their current schools while saying they are interested in Arkansas.

But many - as has been in the past - are not really looking to be the head coach at Arkansas.

By the way, we have a poster here who is relatives with Norvell.

I think at this point all we can really know are the ones sniffing around and those who have already said “not interested”. The agents for the sniffers were probably trying to contact HY as soon as they read about the firing. Otherwise, it’s just the preliminary work to narrow the big pool of candidates down to a manageable list.

That kind of stuff could very well have been done by the search firm HY said he “may” use. The firm can go to the agents and ask if their client(s) are interested if Arkansas comes calling. The firm gets an answer, says call us if your guy changes his mind, and that HY may be in touch. They report back to HY, and then he uses that data as he goes through his own work.

Well to be perfectly honest I really don’t blame them. Our brand is taking a tremendous hit these last few years and even though Morris definitely had to leave it sends a message that he didn’t even get two years and pretty much everybody knows it will take at least that long or more to get us back on track. I think coaches arent really want to run the risk to be honest. We have got ourself into quite a mess.

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I am not surprised by Campbell, ISU to ARK would be a lateral move. I wouldn’t mind Sonny Dykes, but I doubt he leaves the state of Texas.

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