Some thing I DON'T want to hear from our new coach:

“We want our linemen to trim down, so they can play faster”

What do you NOT want to hear?

hammer down!

…any gimmicky catch phrases. I would rather he just say hi, get to work, and start kicking tail.

I’m pretty fed up with t-shirt phrases, hype videos, and the like. Jaded would be a good way to describe my feelings.

That he can get the program out of the ditch quick.

Because that’s just not realistic.

Just want whomever we hire to come in and hold everyone accountable including himself.
Start by fielding a disciplined football team that is fundamentally sound in every aspect of the game.
Put together a solid D1 coaching staff that works and recruits hard.
Places an emphasis on size and strength on the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense.
Ultimately, restores some respect for our football program.

Go Hogs!

I could’ve understood making some lose some weight but Arkansas had to be the smallest OL in the SEC and one of the smallest in Power 5.

Clever use of get “out of the ditch.”

So what actually is our average starting OL size in comparison to the other SEC teams?

That we can’t play a mobile quarterback. We can’t stop them but won’t use one.

How in the heck do we move from the largest OL in football (including NFL), and being called “running back u”, just a few years ago, to having undersized OL and DL?

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The SEC is a line of scrimmage league. Instead of getting graduate transfer QBS, how about some lineman.

In the SEC West you better have some linemen that have some lead in their pencil are you going to be used and abused! This is a grown man’s league we better start realizing that.

If you use the spread offense, we’ll run over you …