Some reasons I saw to be hopeful

…since I generated a negative post about concerns it is only fair to point out that it is not all negative:

  1. No fumbles. Every running back protected the ball well.
  2. Until the scrubs came in on defense and some young guys jumped offsides several times, there were very vew penalties.
  3. Treylon Burks catching punts was very encouraging. He seems sure handed and he showed some quickness the few times he had a chance to run a little that makes me think he might be good at returning punts.
  4. I liked Warren running jet sweeps. He slashed and showed some speed and quick moves that look promising for the future.
  5. The coverage teams showed a lot more speed than last year on the punt coverage. Kickoff coverage is yet to be determined since they fair-caught everything. They pooch kicked every kickoff so we don’t know about kickoff returns yet, but Warren could be very good if given the chance.
  6. Loy had some very good punts to try and pin them deep. Two were missed by the coverage team when they took a crazy bounce but one was caught at the five by a gunner.
  7. I liked the aggressive blitz package that Chavis is running. He seemed to want to give Ole Miss a lot to worry about which implies he may have some variations set up now to throw at them after they prepare for what he showed last Saturday.
  8. Our secondary seemed to cover well. Even their TD throw barely cleared two sets of hands to reach the tight end. Those were not SEC receivers we were covering so we will see Saturday if they can cover SEC speed too, but it was a good start for the secondary.
  9. There were no bad snaps to the QB. A big problem last year appears to be fixed.
  10. We appear to be two deep at linebacker now. Pool, Henry, and Morgan are bigger, seem just as quick as last year, and seem to be more sure about where to go and what to do when they get there.


There was actually one fumble by Whaley on our next to last possession

Jacksonreid where you been, was wondering about you a few weeks ago

Well… couldn’t log in for a long time and happened to try again the other day a d it worked. I guess because of the new format.

Good to have you back, thought you got put in a long timeout haha