Some random observations/evaluations

  1. Passing game was impressive, especially considering we had to go max protect alot of the time. Marcus Elliot was reluctant to call AA a really good QB in the DriveTime postgame. Marcus…my man…what game were you watching? AA delivered in every way. Marcus criticized what was a great throw to Sprinkle. Right where it had to be. In the words of Cris Carter…C’MON MANE!
  2. Rawleigh had a very good game. Man the kid runs hard. And he deserves all the positives around him right now.
  3. I still hope Devwah can get up to speed and become his partner. It was just a little 4 yard run…but did anyone notice Devwah making a TCU dude miss in the backfield, causing dude to pound the turf? Hard to impressive on a 4 yard run…but that was.
  4. We obviously have problems at right tackle still. I’m just gonna trust that this is the best solution. Colton is just a redshirt frosh. Let’s hope he turns out to be something special.
  5. Brooks Ellis. Good Grief. Kid is playing like an all-conference backer.
  6. Drew Morgan might be playing himself into the NFL as a slot guy. Man he’s explosive coming out of a cut.
  7. I thought our defense played a VERY good game. For three quarters. In the 4th, I don’t think it was lack of ability, scheme, or anything other than plain ole fatigue. You could see we were running out of gas. Lack of depth in the secondary hurt us. Thank God no one got hurt. They gutted it out though.
  8. We need a distance kicker. Does Toby placekick? I’m sure he must not…

Last thing: its so great to listen to McIlroy on Sirius and hear them bragging on our win. Bielema deserves this. He’s a terrific coach…and by all accounts a terrific person. Hope we keep him around for a long time. He and Jen plan to have kids right? Fayetteville is a great school district!

Great observations! Enjoyed the read. I thought Hedlund had looked much improved before that short miss. He is kicking it higher and has been pretty accurate to me. I hope he can become very reliable still. ghg

#7 was also related to the momentum swing caused by the missed FG. Felt like the last two TAMU games all over again until 2 minutes left in regulation.

Marcus seems to think AA is only playing because he is an Allen. Heard him say so on DriveTime. Ridiculous!!!

Missed field goal was a huge play. It gave a great deal of emotion to TCU that the game was still there for the taking. Of course, with first and goal at the 2, you MUST put a touchdown on the board. That might have been the killing score.

That’s Marcus’ schtick now. He’s decided that he needs to be negative about everything to do with Razorback football. It seems he’s playing off of Mike’s always positive attitude to all things Razorback. It’s really getting old.

Yep, kicking game will get us at some point, unless he steps it up and improves — and not scoring from the 2 will also.

But Austin — it looked like he did something I never saw Brandon do, and I loved it if that was what was going on. I went back and watched it on Jimmy Carter’s utube article. When he got sacked and hit across the face, he was very vocal about it to the offensive lineman. That tells me who’s team this is, in case anyone was still wondering. You don’t do that if you are not the true leader. I like that fire.
In other words, do your job or go sit on the bench. Being accountable to one another is the sign of a real team to me.

SEC wins can often be determined by special team plays…bama won NC last year on a big return

It’s tough conference and body language by Hedlund on the sideline said it all he just lacks confidence

It won’t get any easier for him moving forward he’s got to get out of his head at some point

I think this season is going to turn on the pass protection. We looked pretty shaky on obvious passing downs, and arguably we won’t see a worse defense in the SEC. If that doesn’t get straightened out, top defenses are going to crowd us and make it very difficult for us to do anything. If we can shore up that weakness, then getting wins in these two nail biters will give us a chance to play our way into some of the most significant games that we have seen in awhile.

Before I quit listening to Drivetime several years ago, right after Stan Heath got fired, Marcus turned bitter. He has had very little positive to say since. Before that, he called them like he saw them but was open to both positive and negative opinions. Since that time, he never has anything good to say. If it wasn’t for his gloom and doom, Rick’s clueless sunshine snarkiness, Randy’s tripping over words and pronunciations. and their never having anyone on the air who has ever seen a practice or spoke to a player or coach (except Trey Biddy who was never on for more than 30 minutes and most of that time was taken up by Joe’s from Podunks calling to predict the upcoming Razorback game score trying to win a 6-pack of diet coke) I would have a more current assessment of Marcus’ negativity.

Maybe Marcus likes coming across as an angry child.
He probably needs psychological help.

Missed field goal was a huge play. It gave a great deal of emotion to TCU that the game was still there for the taking. Of course, with first and goal at the 2, you MUST put a touchdown on the board. That might have been the killing score.
[/quote]It looked like TCU really put 11 in the box. Testosterone-city. Mano-a-mano; but, the Hogs OLine is just not ready to to take on 11 from a quality team. Note the two point play, a completely different thing.