Some Questions

  1. Will there be media covering summer practices? If so, when will media be allowed in? Stoked about these new players comingin.

  2. What was the reason for our original recruiting director going back to a&m after a month? Smells like he wasn’t allowed to do something he wanted to ($$$->players)


No practices, just workouts. Tru will have them all summer.

The players can practice on their own but coaches can’t be there.

Leah Knight left and A&M asked him back.

Practices do not begin until August.

No, the summer workouts are closed to the media. I can remember both Danny Ford and Houston Nutt allowing the media to come to a selected summer workout. But only one and it wasn’t consistent every year. And, it wasn’t the passing drills, just the lifting and running. Since Nutt left, the summer workouts have been closed. And, just so you don’t think Arkansas is doing something unusual, all summer workouts are closed at Power 5 schools (and probably at lower levels, too).

One thing to remember, Chad Morris is the recruiting coordinator and it’s probably more the case than any coach since Frank Broyles. Frank was a marvelous recruiter and so is Morris.

That I like - HC as recruiting coordinator, (if his eye for talent is keen which I think Chads is) but it’s just more on his shoulders.