Some questions about the rice game

I’m in a hotel lobby, all my family sleeping peacefully in our room, so I’m hours from getting home to watch the recording of the game. Here’s a few things I want to see

  1. I did not notice much pass rush, at all. Lots of time for rice QB’s. Really thought Trey and Gerald would have a good game

  2. Utsey, Gregory and the undersized DE from Jonesboro had good second halves, very active in the backfield. Did not notice anyone else flashing

  3. Mo Brown looks solid. Brooks and bishop look the be 2 yards behind their receivers on a regular basis. Did Hudson play at all? Bush?

  4. Burks was rusty, not surprising. But our play calling in the first half appeared to be “get the ball to burks on 3rd down, while covered and well short of a 1st down marker”. He dropped 2 passes, but neither would have been a first down. I could not tell what happened on that odd attempt to hand the ball on 3rd down.

  5. Rice completed a long pass on 3rd down, that led to their first TD. Swing pass to a wide open guy- it appeared to be a blatant pick on the defender who was shadowing that receiver. No call of course, but I can’t wait to watch that one again. Looked very obviously a pick

  6. Saw Parker play, did not notice any other backups at LB

  7. Ketron jackson made a very nice catch on a very bad pass. He also had the hold. Was he targeted otherwise? Man, he looks the part, when he and treylon lined up on the same side, that was exciting. I’d like to see a lot more of that.

8 did our TE’s have many targets? I only recall the one catch by kern, but it looked SO EASY, why not try that 10 times a game?

  1. Vito appeared to kickoff through the uprights, not sure I’ve seen that since Steve little? And cam little looked a little shaky in PAT’s, but very solid on the FGA

  2. You should see our punters in warmups, they look great. Then when it counts, it’s like a different person

  3. Any obvious reason our OL couldn’t run block well? Couldn’t get close on QB sneak? The first half, we just couldn’t do anything well.

So we are 1-0 with LOTS of teaching points, and a huge game looming. I’m officially nervous. Like I have been for this past horrible decade lol


Carter was the leading tackler on the line and Zac Williams was second. Nichols caused a fumble by stripping the QB on a third down attempt. Utley deflection was probably the play of the game.

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Clark and Bush did play briefly. Four linebackers played: Morgan, Pool, Parker and Henry. I thought the O-line did OK, but the wide receivers didn’t block well on the perimeter on the wide plays. When there were called runs inside, there seemed to be holes.

The Rice passing game was play-action mostly, or very quick hitting. They didn’t go down the field hardly at all. When they did try, the QB was getting hit just after release. I do think the pass rush was there more than last year. Not wonderful yet, but better.

Carter, Utsey and Nichols were solid in the middle. I thought it was Soli’s best game, although he probably didn’t play a bunch of snaps. Zach Williams and Utsey both made two plays that were impressive, going wide to chase down a ball carrier. Zach’s was against McCaffrey, dangerous as a runner.

I didn’t have a lot of problem with anything I saw on defense. Bishop had the one glaring mistake. The pass interference on the goal line was an iffy call at best.


We were credited with two sacks. Nichols forced the fumble on one; I don’t remember the other sack. Agree with Clay that they were running quick hitting pass plays that make sacks unlikely, but Utsey’s tip was a huge play.

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And on Utsey’s tip, Tre Williams had provided pressure and forced the Rice QG to step up under duress.
I thought out twists and line games really hurt them in the second half. I agree with Clay…I thought the defense played well…especially in the second half. Rice is not a great club. But they have some talent offensively. They are no patsy. Conf. USA has proven to be a thorn in some other team’s sides as well.

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What’s the word on Ty Clary? How serious is his injury?

He came back in later in the game so he must be ok. Limmer played well in his place from what I saw.

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He is going to be fine. A group of reporters talked to him briefly after the press conference Saturday and he said his body felt like it usually does after games. He wasn’t in any noticeable pain.

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