Some pub for the Lady Razorbacks and coach Neighbors

During the Las Vegas Aces @ Dallas Wings National TV game, Neighbors, Slocum and Plum (Aces), and Dungee (Wings), got shout outs from the broadcasters. Neighbors and family got lots of TV views. The announcers mentioned how much fun it was to watch Neighbors’ teams play at Arkansas.

Good positive publicity for the U of A’s women’s basketball program.

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Chelsea never played today and Destiny didn’t play much. Have to wonder what’s going on there.

I looked up Dallas’ stats. Dungee has taken 7 shots ALL SEASON. That was a good quarter for her at UA. She’s made one of those 7. Three points for the season.

Yeah, I’m surprised about both girls, but in opposite directions. Destiny is getting more play than Chelsea on a team (LV Aces), that is considerably better than the Dallas Wings. I don’t know if it’s just that the Aces don’t have another back up PG or if she’s just playing better than Dungee. With Chelsea, it may be that the Wings just have 2 or 3 experienced (or better) players at her spot (2G)?

I believe it to be the same situations as Joe and Jones.

They are rookies and there are more experienced players that have earned the coaches’ trust.

Probably the same as everywhere else, minutes are earned nothing given.

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