Some personnel moves this week

A few takeaways from the SEC Teleconference:

Blake Mazza and Connor Limpert will rotate with the first-team as placekicker.

It sounds like Bielema is happy with four of his offensive linemen, but there will be some evaluation at left tackle this week. There is a chance Johnny Gibson could play there, which would move Brian Wallace to first-team on the right side. Paul Ramirez is another option at left tackle.

Jared Cornelius is going to be able to practice this week and Arkansas will begin to shorten its receiver rotation.

I know J red has experience, but he hasn’t looked healthy. If they are playing him at less than 100 percent, I can’t grab that personally. It hurts the team. He’s looked slow, I know he was never a burner, but just noticeably slower, and I’m sure he isn’t in the necessary game shape after missing all of fall and most of spring.


I think he’s healthy, but he hasn’t practiced much at all since last November. Remember he was hurt in the Missouri game and didn’t practice ahead of the bowl game. Then he missed some of the spring and all but one practice in the preseason.

If he looks slow, I think it’s probably more an issue of re-acclimating himself to playing.

Sounds like the LT position experiment is almost done. The kid is obviously a gifted athlete. But his motor just doesn’t seem to be very high. One play I saw on replay…his man beat him and whacked AA. He offered AA a helping hand…and AA seems to have declined as he barked out who knows what. You can’t just keep whiffing…the first Q in game one seems to have been an indicator rather than the exception.

I seldom hear Ramirez mentioned. What are his strengths and limitations?

Wouldn’t shock me at all to see Wallace at RT and Johnny at LT. That would be our most experienced paid of tackles anyway…Wallace I believe wound up with more snaps last season (at RT) than CJ had.

In any case I applaud this.

Does anyone archive the teleconference? I would love to go hear…home sick…need something to do…

Found it! But today’s is not posted yet…

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This is my personal recording on our Soundcloud page. … s-bye-week