Some personal news

That really means a lot, especially coming from you, Clay.

My dad used to print off your articles and bring them home to me when I was growing up. Your writing style is impeccable and your ability to weave anecdotes into your stories has always been something I admired. Seeing how you went about getting quotes and interacting with people was valuable for me as a young journalist.

You’ve let me work for you for the better part of the last eight years and gave me valuable advice on a lengthy phone call when I was in Longview. Working with you has been a blast and you made it easy to fit in. Sitting next to you at football games and listening to your point of view has been a treat.

I’m very appreciative of you and Matt and what you both have done for me. You’re a legend and I owe you a lot.

Wish you the best Jimmy and congrats on the new job!

Love talking basketball with you, please make sure you still post and give us your thoughts on what’s going on during the season.