Some people point at OL recruiting....

but we have really failed at recruiting CBs. Collins and Dean are Petrino holdovers, Richardson was a walk-on (good player though), Floyd washout, Sykes washout, Dalton appears to be a bust, we didn’t sign a single CB last year until we landed Tutt this summer. I guess our 5th CB is now FR-RS walk-on Byron Keaton?

Can’t afford anymore injuries there and we have 11/12 games left.

To me, them not signing a CB in February was huge, given the secondary issues. I know they got Tutt later, but that’s still just one. And like you said, the success rate with the ones they’ve gotten hasn’t been great. I do really like Toliver.

I think this freshman group is an important LB class, too. Brooks Ellis and Dre Greenlaw were the only 2 LBs they played Saturday. Obviously they’re in a nickel, so there’s not an opportunity for the SAM to play. But the depth in the unit is shaky. De’Jon Harris should be a good one. Giovanni LaFrance is someone they like. Time will tell how they pan out. But there have been a lot of misses in Bielema’s first few classes.

Given that the limits are 25/85 there are quite a few misses in everyone’s classes. I can’t decide if he has had more than normal and there isn’t a list here of the classes.

I know they have big senior classes of contributors this year and next.

Who are the lots of misses? Off the top of my head I would say the backup (upperclassmen) LBs and many of the Fla. Shannon recruits/DBs.

It really hurt them when the kid they found flipped on them and went to Fla sight unseen. That was some dirty pool and it skewed their numbers. They also had Sykes transfer despite being someone with a shot at making the 2 deep.

Cornelius Floyd was going to be an upperclassmen who hadn’t cracked the 2-deep and struggled to stay academically eligible.

He transferred and I’m not sure where he went.

I think they may try to convert a WR or too to DB. It certainly makes sense in terms of #s.

Martrell Spaight
Mykes Tavarres

Obviously Spaight worked out fantastic. Tavarres not so much.

Khalia Hackett
Dwayne Eugene
Josh Williams

In their third years on campus. Hackett is the starter at SAM and the coaches liked his fall camp, but he was inconsistent last year and hasn’t shown it in a game. Williams obviously had the leg injury. Was an average starter before. Eugene isn’t trusted enough to give Greenlaw a blow.

Kendrick Jackson
Derrick Graham
Dre Greenlaw

Graham’s no longer with the program. Jackson isn’t at LB anymore. Greenlaw is a stud.

So of the 8 in 3 classes, 2 are impact players, 2 are average/below-average starters or decent backups to this point, 1 is a backup who rarely plays and 3 are no longer with the program.

Solid point on the CB flip to Florida. Given how quick Britto established himself, you’d think that guy (blanking on his name) would be potentially making an impact now.

You may have typed Kendrick Jackson and meant someone else. But, Jackson is still here and is the backup FB and likely to play a lot (including this week, I would think).

Right. Inadvertently wrote he was gone. Edited to reflect that. But obviously he was recruited as a LB and isn’t there anymore. Asked to move to FB when he couldn’t get playing time at LB (even though it was as a true freshman ha).

I think the only way he plays much is if Hayden Johnson really struggles. He was up-and-down Saturday but played well on the final plays.

Potential options. Cross-train Liddell and Santos to play CB or what was mentioned earlier. Move a WR to CB on a part-time basis like the Patriots did with Troy Brown

Drew Morgan has the toughness, smarts and quicks to make that transition. I would take a look at TJ Hammonds too.

Maybe I was dreaming but I seem to remember watching some postgame video or reading some CBB quotes that implied Kendrick would get some reps this week.

He mentioned today that he and Hayden Johnson will compete for reps this week. I don’t think Hayden had a great day until the final drive, but I would lean heavily toward him being the guy until proven otherwise. Now, if he really struggles to start Saturday, maybe we see a switch. But he’s been the guy there all fall camp.

I’m not saying Kendrick will replace him but I think he will play a lot this season. That’s a headbanger position, Hayden is a young kid and Kendrick played quite a bit last year in that spot.

I can see him getting about 25% of the fullback reps moving forward and more if Hayden struggles.

In no way, would I move Drew Morgan from offense as that area has issues as well and I would not take away a senior leader over there.

Not sure that TJ played any defense in high school.

If you are going to create depth there or push the starters, I’m thinking it would be best to push the freshmen.

Not all receivers make good corners. Everything I’ve been told is they have to have a lot of hip flexibility; more so than a receiver.

Why you would take one of our best possession receivers and try to make him a corner is beyond me! I mean if you’re going to try to convert someone, I’d be looking at Cody Hollister but I still don’t think that’s the right move.


Are you serious?

Reading comprehension fellas. I said on a “part time basis” and I would only do it on obvious passing downs.

Agreed it would be a last resort and I would not take him out of the WR rotation.

With 4 healthy CB left on scholarship - we might be down to drastic measures soon.