Some Ole Miss and Moo U fans in a snit

About something Phil and Bubba said on the radio yesterday. Listening on Sirius maybe? Apparently Phil criticized the way OM celebrated its homers and Bubba said the next Rebneck up should get one in the ribs.

Not having heard what they said, I couldn’t really comment on the specifics, but I did wade into the fray on Twitter (Moo U fan started the thread; Phil liked it which is how I saw it). I said nobody in Arkansas cares in the slightest (albeit with more colorful language) what anyone thinks from schools that think cowbells belong at sports events or keep a mascot that celebrates slave ownership in the 21st century. All they could come up with is “at least we don’t call the Hogs”. Lame, just like their whole state.

I agree with Bubba back in the day they would have been picking their butt off the ground the next AB for sure.

We just need to wait and see who wins today and let that sleeping dog sleep! They don’t need any more motivation than they already have before the first pitch today.
This is a baseball game!

It’s like I said to the guy sitting next to me at the game today; when we hit a HR we go to the dugout and celebrate like we’ve been there before. The smurf boys jump around like they’ve never done it.

Just like the Ole miss player that hit a double after the game was all but decided and got cocky and did his fins up wave. Next batter singled up the middle and Fletcher gunned shark fin down trying to score. Karma has a funny way of biting you in the butt. :smiley:

You tell people to act like you been there before…guess they just ain’t been there

They haven’t: [size=150]O[/size]le [size=150]M[/size]iss [size=150]A[/size]t [size=150]H[/size]ome [size=150]A[/size]gain

Oxford must be a good place to Watch the CWS!

My wife is still giggling about that

I linked Phil’s call to that Twitter thread, just so they can enjoy it. Along with our definition of Omaha and a reminder that they are indeed Mississippi Rebnecks.

A simple “fourth and 25” is enough to put Ole Miss in their place…

Oh that was my favorite sequence of the game! Dom smoked him

I prefer
Ole Miss Ain’t Here Again