Some of you may not give a Whitt

But Jimmy had 8 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists in his debut for the Smooo boys. Now listed as a point guard. Could be that his assisting mechanics are better than his shooting mechanics.

While we’re at it, Nick Babb is averaging 17 points, 7.8 rebounds and 5 assists, all team-highs, in 38.5 minutes per game for Iowa State through its first four. Shooting 61.5 percent from the floor, 53.3 percent from 3 and 70.6 from the line.

I kind of hated to see both of those guys leave. Had a haunting feeling that both were going to be very good players in time. However, Macon and Barford have worked out pretty well for us and it sounds like we’ve got more quality Guards on the way.

I agree with your view here. I liked both of the young men that transferred but I’m quite happy with our team and incoming class.
I’m also proud to see Whitt and Babb doing well and playing. Babb could have helped us last year!

Whitt I think seen the writing on the wall here. Would take a lot of development to get more playing time. Mike may have cracked the door open for him.

Babb I thought was just impatient & could have been in the mix last year & this year. Mike wanted him to stay I think.

Good to see both playing & hopefully happy, in the end that’s what counts.

I agree with you. I think Whitt seen Barford and Macon coming in and knew he was likely to just be a role player coming off the bench with them coming in, and I’m sure he seen the development of Hannahs as well. As far as Babb I think he was really frustrated about not getting that much playing time his first year and thought Qualls was coming back. Had he stayed I have no doubt he would have probably been a 3-year starter for us.

I remember a guy on another board said mid-season that year he talked to Babb’s dad and the dad told him he was likely transferring because he was unhappy with his role, he was said something along the lines that CMA would tell him one thing then when it became game time he just wouldn’t put him in. I don’t think many people paid the guy much attention at the time, but look like there was something to his story.

Even as a third-year soph Babb only played about 16 minutes per game last season and was statistically a marginal player in Big-12 play. He was playing behind an experienced bunch, though. I thought that he should have gotten more minutes as a frosh, but he didn’t show anything last season after a year of extra development to make me believe that he was ready as a frosh. He would have gotten on the court more quickly if he had stayed at Arkansas, but he’s off to a great start this year. He looks ready to reach his potential.

I really hated to see Babb go. I thought he would have eventually been very good for us. Can you imagine if we did him to go with what we have now? Salty.

As long as there are 40 minutes in a game and 5 players a side and 12 or 13 on the roster, there will always be people who feel slighted. If you look at Babb’s production at IA St last year compared to what Manny did for us (and admittedly it wasn’t always reflected in the box score) I don’t think MA was too far off base.

He probably could have played Babb more, but he was trying to win and Manny was a guy who did the little things.

This isn’t a slight on Babb. I thought he had huge potential. He’s showing it now. I also thought Jacorey had potential, too, if he would have quit getting in trouble and if the game slowed down for him.

I guess given what we did last year and what this team appears capable of this year and beyond, MA’s recruiting might be a little underrated.

We have a good team and in recent years guys like Jacorey, Babb and Whitt have left and done well, elsewhere or are starting to do well.

“That guy” was me, and you’ve summarized it pretty well. Nick’s dad and uncle own a BBQ place in the nice new Trinity Groves area of Dallas ( I went there and watched a game when Nick was a freshman, and the father chatted with us. He was a very nice fellow, but it was pretty clear he was not in Mike’s fan club. According to dad, Nick would be told that he was their best on-ball defender, was doing well and should expect more playing time - but it never materialized. I have no reason to expect that the Dad was shining me on - could well be that’s exactly what the coaches were telling Nick to motivate him. I have no idea.

Exacerbating the situation was that the family (Nick and his dad) knew Jabril Durham well (both from the same area of DFW; had played against each other for several years) and they felt Nick should play at least as many minutes as Jabril. Another factor was that Nick’s older brother had played at Iowa State and apparently had a good experience there. Matter of fact, when we were watching the Hog game (don’t remember who it was against), the father also had the Iowa State game on and seemed to be paying more attention to it (he was coming in and out, while attending to the business of the BBQ most of the time). For that reason, it didn’t surprise me at all when Nick announced he would be transferring to Iowa State. It probably worked out best for all involved. I have seen Nick play a couple of times on TV, and he appears to be doing well. … 0df10.html

The caveat is that a guard here now would probably not be here if Babb had stayed as an incumbent starter.