Some of y'all are entertaining to say the least

For the most part, I’ve been part of the H.I. posting family in its various forms since almost the beginning. That all being said, there’s nothing more entertaining than reading all of the panic and drama posted by folks during coaching searches.

Nothing is ever as great or terrible as it seems. Some need to take a deep breath and realize that things will work out eventually.

Peace out!

I agree. It has worked out, great, so often and for so long.

Everyone thrives on new found energy… some go for negative, some positive. We’ll all get our fill before this is over.

Hillcrest Hog, You ARE a true friend of the Razorbacks. Dilly Dilly

I agree with all this. We have always made it someway or the other. Sometimes HEALTh overtakes somethings…

How am I doing? For a guy that has not posted in months. A member for 10-12 years. Maybe 12. I don’t know.

AS I DRINK THAT [color=#FF0000]not to good of tasting [/color]drink for a colonoscopy tomorrow. LOL

MRI-on my neck Thursday.
Monday Bbiopsy

Later on next week 2 more MRI’s

Hope it goes ok for you. Went through that for four years, finally got a clean bill of health back in May.

Hoping you get clean bill next week.

Nothing worse than prep for colonscopy. Hope all the tests are negative. (BTW, my gasteroenterologist is the only person on earth that will swear that at least occasionally I am not full of ****)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously 339, best of luck with everything that is coming up. Like Family, health is everything… Família e saúde é tudo!

Please keep us posted and best wishes on all of your tests.

Looking forward to a clean bill of health for ya Razorback 339.

Dilly Dilly :lol:

339, thoughts and prayers are with you.

Namaste and Sláinte