Some of those drives by Hannahs....

were exquisite. Behind the back, left hand, pump fakes, step backs - really impressive vs Thornwell.

As good as he is on offense, Thornwell looked a little awkward on defense at times, almost like he was determined not to foul even if it gave Dusty space. Could be doing that because he’s coached to avoid fouls, given how important he is to their offense, but I thought it cost them a few times tonight.

Yeah, he had Thornwell, a magnificent defender, in the spin cycle. Awesome.

I’ll probably get hammered for this but, when he made that smooth behind the back move, I was thinking Steph Curry. Nice!

His game reminds me of Jeff Hornacek’s in the way he uses change of direction and speed to get defenders off balance and then make shots at weird angles. I’m sure fans that see him once a year think it’s luck on some of those drives. It isn’t.

Nice playing by a lot of players tonight including DH. Someone that also had a great but “quiet” night was Thompson.

Thompson caught my attention also. Believe he was on floor a significant time during the run in first half.

Trey was huge with his defense and he had 2 steals that keep us out front. One was right after Bardford got called for backcourt. We had some silly turnovers and it seems end of game we run down the clock and we don’t even run our offense. We had another silly turn over where we passed up 2 open shots and Bardford was open in the lane and threw baseline to Macon whom ended up stepping on the baseline out of bounds. It was intense and they willed themselves to this one ! Hard fought gritty performance. Team win!

Hannahs is smooth as a silk. He glides by people like a floating frisby. You can feel the calmness in his motion. That is why he can finish.

He may be the best ball handler on the team.

That behind-the-back, pump-fake elbow jumper he hit on Thornwell was pretty great. Probably the best single move he’s had in a Razorback uni.

We are watching something special unfold with Hannahs. He was an OK player at Texas Tech, but his game was all outside shooting.

At Arkansas, Hannahs has become one of the most dangerous scoring guards we’ve seen in Razorback red. Sure he can shoot from long range, but his game off the dribble, his ability to create, pull up or drive – way more than he showed at Lubbock, far better than I’d ever imagined from him.

Hannahs will be gone before we appreciate him enough.

That was the best I’ve seen Dusty play this season. It was a lot of fun to watch. He had help, of course. There were a good number of players who played at a high level and that’s about the only way to beat a ranked team on the road. You need a lot of cylinders firing at once. They were for the Hogs last night.