Some of the younger O-linemen

Hearing freshman Patrick Kutas is killing it in the weight room. To say the coaches are high on him is an understatement.

E’Marion Harris is down to bout 340.

Devon Manual is down to bout 331.


The future is bright on that O-Line, but most all though it would be when Sam was hired. No doubt right now is one if the best of times for Hog fans. WPS


I know it rare for freshman OL to play much but Kutas is going to be a beast,he has the Size,Agilty and Demeanor to play next yr IMO.I thought he was the best OL we signed and still do.Harris Down to 340! and Manuel down to 331 is amazing and I gurantee you,they are moving way better than they were,question will be did they lose some of their power in losing so much weight,so proud of both of them though,that will really help them going forward.

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It’s still about what they know. I am pleased they don’t have to play this season but they might.

Still wouldn’t mind seeing them put Patrick at NG…. Just to see what he could do…