Some of the other Oklahoma guys

that Mark Smith saw while in the state were 2018 MLB Mitch Kulkin, 2018 WR DJ Wagoner of Jenks, 2019 OLB Trae Thompson of Tulsa Union and 2019 DE Collin Clay from Putnam City HS.

Patrick Fields is from Union.

Richard, who was the Coach visiting initially?

Patrick Fields and Daxton Hill both had offers from the old staff and Mark reoffered. I guess you could say they were two of the main ones but Thompson and Clay are very good prospects too.

There was an article in the Tulsa World this morning that said he did a home visit with Courtre Alexander of Owasso last night too. The main reason for the article tho was to say that Smith went to Jenks, Owasso, Broken Arrow and Booker T to meet the coaches. David Alexander of BA was quoted quite a bit in the article. The article made a point to say how they’re going to start working Tulsa and Ok. David Alexander said in the 5 years of the previous staff he only saw coaches 2 times.

Thanks Richard - saw where the Fields kids is really good, a solid lock for OU

2 times, huh…wow

To be fair, BA has not had many D1 players of late. The last I recall was a RB that went to jail before he could report to OSU.

This staff may make it a point to hit up BA more often, That’s obviously good for recruiting, but you often times you visit where the DI kids are. Not always, but more times than not.

That is a good point although I would bet David wouldn’t bring it up if he wasn’t making a point. BA is the largest school in the state by quite a bit. In my previous post above I forgot to list Union when I listed the schools Smith did visit. The 5 schools he did visit in the Tulsa area prob have 15+ D1 players each year. And we’re only 2 hours away from Fayetteville. Glad to see the new coaches working the area.

For those who really, really get into this stuff…here are the average daily membership numbers for OK high schools (they use grades 9-12): … pdf?id=211

You’ll note that Broken Arrow is over 5000. Union is almost 4700. Jenks is over 3300 and Owasso nearly 3000.

That’s 1250/grade for BA.

EDIT: the purpose of the ADM numbers is to note that BA has a gazillion students but few making headlines as football players. If they remedy that it would be an easy place to turn for multiple players.