Some of the guys of interest

We seem to want a 6’5-6’6 wing more than a shooter or a big.

Which makes me still want Marvin Johnson

Morsell from Maryland might be next Hog commit. Stay tuned.

Hearing something brother?

Morsell would be Coach Muss’s type of player. Does a lot of the dirty work that leads to wins but isn’t always a stat stuffer. Shutdown defense.

Being reported Tenn-Martin transfer Cam Holden will announce decision on Thursday. Was reported last week that Arkansas, Towson, Cincinnati, USF, Wichita State, and New Orleans were his finalists.

Not expecting Arkansas.

RD do you have an updated list of potential takers at this point since a few of our “targets” have picked other teams since? After watching some Morsell film I’d be happy with him. Bryce Thompson sure seems like a good fit.

Just added Morsell and Thompson up top.

I kind of like letting things develop and seeing where stands after some communication.

That’s why you are the best at this dad!

Love you son.

Yeah. Arkansas is connected with him. I would prefer he go elsewhere. I don’t want a non-shooting guard on the roster. Really struggles shooting the ball, like Marvin Johnson.

Staff seems to be struggling bringing in a quality big, which I would personally prefer over another guard/wing.

I am beginning to think that “bringing in a big” is not a struggle but it is almost “a goal”. It is becoming somewhat apparent that this staff is just like the previous staff when it comes to bigs. They play a switching defense that needs a big that is mobile, athletic that can cover any position.

I believe they think they are in good shape with JWill, Iyiola and Mawein at the 5. At 4, they want someone like Justin Smith and they think they have that with Umude and Johnson.

At 2 and 3, they want to rotate three 6-4 to 6-6 types. They have Toney and Davis on the roster. I think they are searching for that third 6-6 type.

At 1, they think they are in good shape with Lykes, JD and KK.

I know they like to play positionless basketball, but only way you can make some sense out of it is by looking at each position,

kins of cool quick and dirty tape review available on Twitter, transfer tapes:

I’d take Bishop in a heartbeat.

Doubt you see Mawein at the 5 much, also forgetting about Kamani Johnson.

After seeing Smith play the 5, I wouldn’t rule that out.

Your right, Muss will use Mawien some at 4 or 5 for match up purposes. He a can run too.

Don’t mind another guard/wing. Just want one that can shoot the ball. Would prefer another big for depth but ok. Morsell and Johnson (Marvin ) don’t fit the bill. I’ll pass on the “defense-first” players that can’t shoot.

Scotty Thurman and Todd Day were scorers/shooters coming out of high school. Nolan taught them to play defense at Arkansas. Those are the type of players I want.

I agree it is easier to teach defense. And there are plenty of options in the portal besides Morsell and Marvin Johnson

You know how much I thought of Smith. But, I think there’s a chance we get a little upgrade with Umude. Their rebounding totals are similar, but we lose big time on offensive rebounding with Umude. However, we pick up a much better 3 point and free throw shooter in Umude. With Williams getting more minutes, he will pick up some of the offensive rebounding Smith was getting.

Total team-wise Umude may end up being a slight upgrade to Smith, if he also becomes a team leader like Smith was.