Some of the guys of interest

When will we know Gardner’s decision RD? Isn’t supposed to announce today?

Yes Gardner is announcing today. There may be other announcements today as well from people on this list.

For people wanting Pinson. Didn’t see it happening at Arkansas.

Lets see if he ends up in Baton Rouge or goes pro.

It seems like an unusual pick because of the NCAA, FBI, and special committee pending actions. But, with the speed with which the NCAA acts, they’ll probably take another couple years wandering around in the abyss that is Will Wade and LSU basketball. Maybe they’ll get around to some punishment in 2024 or 25.

Taze Moore to Houston. So scratch him off the list.

I guess if he wants money and can’t make a pro team it’s probably the second best option.


SAO to G League probably constitutes a pay cut.

Richard, is there someone left that is still a realistic possibility for us, or have our top targets now announced elsewhere?

Very cavalier in his thinking.

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I think when it’s all said and done the roster will be bigger. Until I hear otherwise I think Arkansas is still in the running for Christian Bishop.

He would be a good asset. I also wonder if there is a player out there Muss is keeping his eye on who hasn’t announced for the portal that could indeed enter soon.

bigger in the frontcourt, or backcourt?

Wink, wink!

Hope we got a shot with Bishop. Either him or Manek.

I’ll go along with this. I wonder if Manek is dragging his feet on a decision until Mobilehoma hires a new coach; he might go back if he likes the new hire (and I’m glad Muss-to-OU rumors never got any traction). He’s an intriguing big who can shoot from deep and actually guard people. Bishop is kind of Justin Smith without the 48-inch hops.

OU hired Porter Moser a week ago.

You’re right, brainlocked on that. Moser is probably re-recruiting him.

Moser could’ve given Manek a pitch to stay that he’s still deliberating on. Or waiting to see what other pieces stay/go.

Any other bigs besides Bishop? He can’t be the only one they’re looking at. I hope anyway.