Some of the guys of interest

in the portal. There are others.

Stanley Umude- Hogs

Christian Bishop

Marvin Johnson

Marreon Jackson- Arizona State

Jayden Gardner- Virginia

Darryl Morsell

Bryce Thompson

Room for 2, maybe 3? As of now.

RD are you feeling pretty good about our boy from South Dakota?

I really hadn’t given much thought to Bishop since from all accounts he was bound for Show Cause Self. But maybe not.

Apparently zoomed with Chandler Lawson from Oregon on Tuesday and Gardner this week (maybe today?).

Gardner apparently making a decision this week.

Give me Umude and Jackson (only if JD leaves) and let’s freaking go baby!

Feel like we need a big now that Ethan is going,gone.

Gardner, perhaps?

Going to be interesting to see if perhaps Muss has a surprise or two left.

Need another big now wth Ethan gone.

Georgetown, would be my guess.

At this point not expecting Arkansas but we’ll see.

Yes, doesn’t make sense for Jackson to go with us, since we have Lykes.

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I’m not gonna rule anybody in or out based on what little I know. I would have said, we have KK, we have JD, why do we need a 5-7 guy? But we got him. Muss has a vision for how the pieces will fit together. If he sells that vision to Jackson, or Gardner or Bishop or Umude, I’m gonna wait and see how it shakes out.

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Do you think we are pushing here, RD?

I think they would take but as I posted elsewhere, I think he’s staying close to home.

This was last week on Taze Moore. Would assume we’ll hear something soon.

RD, any chatter about Brady Manek out of OU? He was on the Karl Malone PF of the Year watch list before the season started.


Haven’t but doesn’t mean they haven’t made contact.