Some notes from the first 3 SEC games

Opponents FGM/FGA vs. each Arkansas defender
• First 3 SEC games

Jaylin Williams — 12/32 FG, 1/5 3FG
Au’Diese Toney — 11/21 FG, 6/12 3FG
Davonte Davis — 10/12 FG, 2/4 3FG
JD Notae — 8/15 FG, 3/6 3FG
Jaxson Robinson — 7/14 FG, 2/4 3FG
Stanley Umude — 5/21 FG, 1/10 3FG
Chris Lykes — 5/9 FG, 2/5 3FG
Kamani Johnson — 4/6 FG, 1/2 3FG
KK Robinson — 3/4 FG, 2/2 3FG
Trey Wade — 2/7 FG, 0/1 3FG
Connor Vanover — 0/1 FG, 0/0 3FG

Potential assists (actual)
• First 3 SEC games

JD Notae — 24 (8)
Davonte Davis — 19 (11)
Jaylin Williams — 18 (10)
Chris Lykes — 9 (5)
Jaxson Robinson — 9 (4)
Stanley Umude — 7 (1)
Trey Wade — 5 (1)
Au’Diese Toney — 4 (3)
KK Robinson — 4 (1)
Kamani Johnson — 3 (1)
Connor Vanover — 1 (0)


This is a real WOW for me. Stanley has been by far our best defender in the above categories during SEC play. I’ve felt, just by observation, that from the beginning of the season, his minutes were somewhat limited because of questionable defense. He has really picked up his D in SEC play. Along with that, his offense also really came alive. I guess he’s playing with much better confidence. This should bode well for the team going forward, if he can also begin to limit his number of fouls.

Jaylin is a clear 2nd and Wade has been good in limited minutes.

Every other player has been ABYSMAL in defending shots. That has to be fixed.

Thanks Scottie, great stats as usual!

Devo used to be an incredible defensive player I don’t know what has gotten into him… we need him to get back in a big time groove… Thanks Scottie for the info

I am not sure Devo is getting tasked with defending the same type of scorers consistently this year that he faced last year, so his task is tougher. It would be interesting to compare shots defended vs. minutes played.

Devo also does tend to overplay defenders to force steals and deflections, so he is going to be out of position more if his man gets the ball, which can lead to easier shots. There is going to be some trade-off there to get the ball pressure. The question becomes is he over-doing the pressure/just doing it poorly.

Devo does appear to be in a soph slump this year so far, but I think it’s more on the offensive end than defense.

The thing that is really missing from this group on defense is a guy like Jalen Tate.


Ah, you beat me to it about Devo. He gambles way too much to get steals and gets burned a lot. JD also gambles quite a bit, but he’s better at recovering to his man than Devo is. Our defensive pressure doesn’t result in a huge # of steals, and it leaves defenders out of position a lot. I’d like to see the team gamble a lot less, and just play their man straight up, or perhaps even sag off a bit to slow that guard penetration into the lane. Virginia does this with great success.


Very well could be bc Jalen Tate pretty much took the best scorer last year but still he has good quickness it appears I just don’t quite get why he’s having a hard time staying in front of his man

It takes nothing but a glance at the 3 point defense individual stats to see why we are ranked 300+ as a team. Every player except Umude (10%), Jaylin (20%), and Lykes (40% still bad) are letting their opponent shoot 50% or better on their 3 point attempts. That is astoundingly poor! It’s certainly understandable that we are 0-3 in SEC play.

Umude’s numbers are amazing, especially considering he’s defended more 3s than every player except Toney.

Wade (33.3%), Stanley (36.3%), and Jaylin (40.7%) have also been our only good 2 point defenders. Devo’s numbers almost look like they are impossible to be correct - (100% 8-8) defending 2 point shots?

I really, really hope most of these numbers will be improved by Wed. night.

Not sure why this thread turned into only pointing out Devo’s shortcomings. Every other team member except Umude, Jaylin, and Wade were also awful.


I do think sometimes when you play pressure defense you end up looking bad. I know some folks like the way Virginia plays, but I prefer more pressure, as it gives you a better chance to make the big runs that can be game-winners.

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I don’t like the way Virginia plays. I find Bennett’s style of play boring. But for this particular Arkansas team, it might be the best way to get a winning streak going. I still haven’t given up hope of a ncaa tournament bid. This team commits the majority of its turnovers in transition. Muss stated that in his presser after the A&M loss. Also, gambling/reaching on D is allowing guards to drive right around us into the lane to get to the rim or kickout for 3-pt shots. I’d like to see this team slow down on both ends of the court. Run the halfcourt offense (move, cut, set screens, and share the ball) and play defense with your feet and just try to stay in front of your man. Once you get those 2 things squared away, then you can pick up the pace of play again.

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Of course you are right on just about everything you said. Muss painted himself into a corner when he came here talking about playing a straight up, no gambling, man to man defense…no zone. He probably needs to rethink things with this team, and he might want to have a conversation with Coach Richardson about defense.

This Hog team gambles WAY too much, and they continually get burned…for both layups and 3’s. Coach Richardson’s teams gambled too, but they were multiple. They switched from man to zone so much, that the opposition didn’t even know what we were in half the time. That’s why teams drilled 7 on 5 before they played us.

Another thing, Coach Richardson didn’t spend a lot of time on film study…actually, almost none. He got our guys, all of them, in terrific shape, because he was gonna play all of them. He opened up practices, because he didn’t care who was watching. He figured, if we were in tip top shape, with a lot of guys, the other team had way more to worry about than we did. We were gonna do what we did, and you had to stop us. That was 40 Minutes of Hell. That might seem antiquated to Muss, but it worked then, and I guarantee it still would. I don’t remember us ever losing 5 out of 6 games, because we never did.

Yeah, it’s cool to come in from the NBA and say you’re gonna play straight man and never call timeouts, but reality has to be setting in for Muss right about now. He’s smart, but he’s not the only coach in the college game that is smart. He’s actually behind a lot of guys that have been college coaches for years (I’m not gonna name names). He has to adapt his system to his personnel, not the other way around. Muss is a little bit arrogant and immature right now, but I hope this season has humbled him enough to know that coaching in the NBA and college are vastly different things. You can win a ton of college games with great defense, just like Coach Richardson did. Does Muss really want to be a college coach for the long haul?


Nolan was a fantastic coach for that time & player environment. Could also win a ton of games the way Eddie Sutton, and host of others did in different eras and environments. including John Wooden-the greatest bball mind, player developer, teacher of the game IMO. They all kept players/ teams together for more than 1-2 years. No portal, very very few early draft entries unless they skipped college altogether.
Today is a different world. Muss may get it right this year or he may not. Playing the hit & miss game meshing transfers with new recruits. But he is coaching to environment he has to deal with. Arrogant yes immature I think not. 2nd year elite 8. Seems pretty passionate about his job now tho.
Top recruiting classes (like ours next year) very rarely all stay together more than 1 year these days. No need to explain why.

Very good info there Jeremy… I think Muss is is going to do it his way come heck or high water, just who he is he’s not going to change… He is bringing in some incredible athletes next year but until we can get a complete team, meaning we have every position covered inside and out we will never win an NC…

I’ll look around all the great teams this year and one thing stands out like a sore thumb and I’ve said this many times we have no interior presence and unless he adds a piece of the puzzle we will not next year either… I watch these other teams how athletic their big guys are and I cannot figure out why we haven’t gotten at least one… I know we missed out on the Ware kid but there are tons of big athletic guys in this country because pretty much every roster of all the elite teams have "several"of them on their team… We will have the PG next year but where is the inside presence going to come from??

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Position-less basketball will work better with
the lineup we have coming in of 6’3 6’4 6’5 6’6 6’7 all very athletic. But we are still missing some bulk. you look at last years Baylor team everyone loves talking about for positionless basketball. They had some heavy dudes. This years team isn’t tough enough. Add 30lbs to anyone on our team and I think it would make a big difference. Not saying that taking care of the basketball and facilitating some offense isn’t number one for us right now. But things would be a lot easier if we had a load like Justin smith we could throw the ball to and get some offensive rebounds. Oh and if they could shoot threes like everyone on Baylor that’d be good too.

Khamani Johnson has been surprisingly adept at scoring around the rim. Maybe pair him with Jaylin Williams to get some hi/lo action going on offense? Couldn’t hurt to try.

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Yeah I know that if you got a lot of guys that can bomb the 3 that will definitely make you tough to beat but on days when they aren’t dropping you better have somebody inside that can score and have somebody that can protect the rim for you on defense… Baylor had an big strong beast inside last year who control the paint for them… we are not getting the big tall athletic type so we’re going to have to depend on great defense and hopefully great 3-point shooting. we’re not get either one of those this year that’s why we are where We are.

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These first 3 games has been a mixed bag of poor play. The hogs scored plenty of point to beat Vandy and Texas A&M. The turnovers and poor free throw shooting have been the deciding factor.
Defensive effort is the only thing you can really control on nights the shots don’t drop! This team needs to play tough hard nosed defense and hang their hats on that.
The 3 ball defense has too improve. Being able to stay in front of your man on defense is a must and rebound. The lack of effort and intensity with this years team has been disappointing at best. It’s hard to watch the wild come back efforts late in a game when it’s a carbon copy of almost every game they’ve played. If they can play good defense late in games where is that effort down the opening tip off?


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