Some notes from Bielema's weekly PC

Keon Hatcher, Devwah Whaley and Anthony Antwine are all out of the green jerseys. Bielema isn’t sure about Kody Walker or DJ Dean’s status for Saturday. Dan Enos later clarified that he thinks Walker will play. Robb Smith said he isn’t concerned about Dean’s lack of practice time recently because of his overall experience with the team.

LaMichael Pettway has been relegated to the scout team because he was late for a meeting. D’Vone McClure has been taken off the scout team for the time being.

He lessened the workload last Thursday, which he said helped the team during Friday’s mock game.

Expects Austin Allen to have a big year. Allen was only a couple of votes shy of being a team captain.

Barry Lunney and Paul Rhoads will coach from the press box. Coordinators may move upstairs next season when he said the coaches will be able to have more technology during the game.

Now this piqued my interest. What is this in reference to?

I believe there is a proposal to use tablets, things like that, on the sideline and in the box like the NFL does. Possibly with video, which the NFL does not presently allow. … ayed-until