Some modest info

I just got off the phone with someone who is a retired major business man in LR whose name many of you would recognize and who is as well connected as you can possibly be. The Lindseys are close, close friends of his. Even he admitted he knew nothing for certain. He DID tell me the three people he knew were under serious consideration were Kiffin, Fuente and Clark.

Personally, I can support any of these three.

Kiffin has obvious attributes. But also some downside (aka his mouth). But I could support Lane.

Fuente and Clark have both built programs, believe in defense, run an offense that would suit current personnel but be more physical, and both are standup, represent the UA well sort of guys. I could really support these guys…especially Fuente. If he will come.

My friend didn’t claim that these were the only three being considered. Only that he knew they were all under very serious consideration. Take that for what its worth. He did NOT think Leach was seriously being considered. based on some BOT comments.

Of course, this is all conjecture. HY may not even know for sure yet…so how could anyone else.


Could be 100% correct. To be honest, I hear so much conflicting stuff I’m not sure.

One source said negotiations have fallen through with a couple of coaches. That’s just one of several things I’ve heard the last few days. I’m not going to say I know for certain what’s going on.

I will agree on Leach. I’ve heard too many times he’s not being considered. Again, we shall see.

Search comes down to UAB?

Search comes down to UAB? Anybody know anything about the coach ?

If we’re down to the Bill Clarks of the world Billy Napier needs a call - impressive young coach.

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Reading elsewhere Moorehead will be out at Miss State and Napier is their top choice. (Don’t know if true or not )

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If some of these rumors are true , I HOPE the BOTs aren’t going to screw this up. This worries me!!!

How much involvement should the Board have and will this truly be Yurachek’s call?
Sometimes you don’t know what to hope for. Yurachek seems to be the straightforward type that would make the best decision for the university and he knows his job may depend on it.

The Bots NEED to let HY do HIS job,

I would hope HY has earned some political capital with the Musselman hiring and thus allowed to do his job.

Probably asking too much.

I think HY has already earned the right of passage to solely make the call on this hire. Then approval from the BOT of course as a formality. That being said, if his choice doesn’t pan out the PTB will surely run the show on the next hire.

JW who was most instrumental in getting Hunter here? That was a good call there.

If that’s right, I hope those names listed are HY’s #1, 2, and 3 in the order you listed them. I then hope we don’t get turned down by #s 1 and 2. I’m not at all impressed by #3.

If Yurachek walks to the podium and introduces Clark he will be packing his bags in two years. You can’t hire this Clark guy, I’m sorry…

If we end up with Clark, I’m taking a Razorback football vacation. That would be a serious disappointment. I don’t care how well he’s done at UAB. You can’t have the names we’ve had floating around and end up with that.

Based on Yurachek’s own words there is no way he offers Clark the job, unless he’s the only one that will take it.

You bring Nutt back before you go UAB.

How many people in Arkansas even know who he is where is, etc? More importantly can you imagine players and recruits response.? Clark is not happening.

It wouldn’t be good. If I was a player I’d transfer, honestly.

I would imagine he hires Lunney Jr before someone like Clark.

If I were a player, I would hope BOT who hide in shadows and take no responsibility, try transferring to mess up another U showing their hire of Morris as credentials…