Some links before today's game

On the teams throwing their aces on short rest:

All three teams left in Omaha have been on the road all postseason.

Stats, weather, announcers, etc.

Yes it will be interesting to see how both guys do on short rest, I think it may affect the power pitcher like DeLucia more than Noland who relies on more movement than power… Ole Miss does have an advantage in the bullpen because they did not use they’re two main guys last night so we need to have a lead by the 6th or we will see those two I’m sure.

I’ve really been impressed with DeLucia; power pitching with great control.

He’s going to be a handful, doesn’t really give you anything to hit, he pitches up in the zone, uses that 2 Seam fastball to come off the plate onto the corners and then throws that slider down and away. Noland is just as effective moving the ball around and down they just do it in different ways.

Hey Matt, one other thing on the how to watch/listen: Sirius/XM has had every game of the CWS on channel 84 with the local Omaha radio guys.

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Yep I’ve listened to them when I’ve had to get out.

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