Some irony in the special uniforms

I’m a Cowboys fan. The Broncos have been a close No. 2 for 20 years, but that’s beside the point.

I received the message about the uniforms while I was watching the game yesterday and couldn’t help but think of the similarities between the Cowboys’ second game of the season and the Razorbacks’ second game. Denver thoroughly outplayed Dallas and dominated time of possession, third downs and the line of scrimmage. It felt like I was watching the TCU game over again.

So on the day the Razorbacks announced they were going to look like the Cowboys, the Cowboys kind of looked like what we saw last of the Razorbacks. I’m hoping both look different their next time out.

I like the unis for the most part…However, who is the dumb*** that put a white hog on a silver helmet. Why not a red hog? When you are dumb…you gotta hurt.

Agree 100%…whose idea was that? The cowboy star is solid blue on the helmet so it would stand to reason that the hog would be solid red on the helmet…I guess not. I’m sure some intern in the marketing dept will get the blame for the dumb white hog on gray

I was thinking same thing, it probably comes down to they have a surplus of white Hog Decals :smiley:

Yes, I would like the red hog too.

Ha ha, I actually thought the same thing

didnt see the hat until later after seeing the rest of the uni ( which i LOVE )

why NOT have red hog…

IS there still time.

someone get jeff on the horn
or jerry

Jerry Jones could get the hog any color he wanted if he wanted too! it would look better red.
Does any one else remember the old Razorback bumper sticker with the big hog and then the 4 or 5 smaller pigs behind it